BitForex and COSMOS team up to bring users the best ATOM deals.

NEWYORK, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2019 / -- March 13, 2019 - Last week, BitForex announced the official listing of COSMOS’s ATOM token on their trading platform. It was among just a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges with the opportunity to do so, and the announcement was met with positive reactions from the both the BitForex userbase as well as existing ATOM fans.

BitForex was quickly labeled one of the favored places for enthusiasts who might have missed the COSMOS ICO to get their tokens at a favorable price. This was due in part to BitForex’s partnership with Sparkpool, allowing them to provide more token liquidity when compared to other exchanges ATOM trades on.

In the days since the trading debut of ATOM on BitForex, the value has gone from 1 USDT to 8.43 USDT; peaking at a ~700% increase since the listing of the token on March 13th. Over 2000 users are currently holding ATOM on BitForex, making it one of the largest platforms for ATOM trading. Currently, the trading volume of ATOM on BitForex is more than 119,003 USDT.

Just a few days ago, BitForex unveiled a new service for ATOM holders: futures physical delivery. This will enable users to borrow ATOM using USDT as the collateral, and trade ATOM/USDT as a pair, then return ATOM at any time to retrieve their USDT. This is in response to the main network transfer functions for ATOM on BitForex not yet being enabled. BitForex aims to let the price of ATOM stabilize while ensuring it can meet user demand while increasing market volume. The feature will remain open until the COSMOS mainnet launch.

“We are excited to be working so closely together with COSMOS. It’s currently one of the most important projects in the world of blockchain and crypto. We see a lot of potential here.” - Garrett Jin, BitForex Founder & CEO

Additionally, any ATOM holders on BitForex will see up to 10% rewards in the form of ATOM token airdrops each week.

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Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, each powered by BFT consensus algorithms like the Tendermint consensus. They aim to allow multiple chains to interoperate freely, creating a giant network that will help solve some of the inherent limitations found in current major blockchains.

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