World-Renowned Ifa Priest Oluwo Fagbamila Celebrates 50 Years: Hosts Rare Public Healing Ceremonies

Philip Neimark: Ifa Foundation

World-renowned Ifa Priest Oluwo Fagbamila's (Phillip Neimark) of Ifa Foundation International

Vassa Neimark: Ifa Foundation International 2019

World-renowned Ifa Priestess Iyanifa Olufadeke (Vassa Neimark) of Ifa Foundation International

World-renowned Ifa Priestess Iyanifa Olufadeke (Vassa Neimark) of Ifa Foundation International

Ifa Foundation International Hosts Rare Public Celebration and Workshops April 26--May 6, 2019 in Central Florida

Ours is a process of awakening the individual. You may participate on any level, from visitor to initiate.”
— Ifa Priest Oluwo Fagbamila; Ifa Foundation International
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2019 / -- Ola Olu; the largest outdoor temple for the African Traditional Religion (ATR) of Ifa in North America, and spiritual headquarters of The Ifa Foundation International, will be hosting a very special line-up of rare healing ceremonies and workshops open to the public next month; an event like none other, never before held or experienced in the United States. Visit: Ifa Foundation: Public Celebration 2019

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy

Unlike most traditional or contemporary ATR temples, where many practices and wisdom's are shrouded in patriarchy and mystery, Ola Olu treats persons of all gender, gender orientation, race, and creed--with respect and service; educating all of good character into the ancient wisdom's of the spiritual path.

Open to Initiates and Guests

Begin with the opening rituals April 27, and stay as many days as your heart desires through May 5. You will "expand," as you immerse in the inter-dimensions of The Sacred Ancestral Forest with The Masters of Ifa. You will "activate" every cell of your being. Get ready to empower your life at this once in a lifetime event. Engage in the Ase of Elder Oluwo Philip Neimark celebrating 50 years of Ifa-ing. Learn from 15 Master Priests of Ifa; each sharing unique wisdom. Participate; Learn; Grow.

Ultimately celebrating world-renowned Ifa Priest Oluwo Fagbamila's (Phillip Neimark's) 50th Year in Ifa, numerous Ifa and Orisa Priests and Priestesses from the around the world will converge at the Sacred Gardens of the Ifa Foundation International in central Florida; for celebration, teaching workshops, presentations, ancestral lineage coaching, spiritual refreshment, ceremony, and more from April 26 to May 6, 2019. The Ifa Program Guide to the Festival can be found in the link below, including maps, speaker line-up, directions, affordable pricing, and more.

History of The Ifa Foundation and The Sacred Gardens

Carried to the Americas by slaves; the 8,000-year-old philosophy of Ifa originated with the Yoruba peoples of West Africa. Ifa's enduring message of strength and inner peace is expanded by the extraordinary, life-long dedication of founders Oluwo Fagbamila (Philip) and world-renowned Iyanifa Olufadeke (Vassa); co-founders of the stunning Ola Olu and the Ifa Foundation International.

In earlier times, an ancient continent known as Pangea began to split apart. Florida remained behind with the rest of North America. Reportedly over 300 million years ago, this land eventually became other continents including Africa, and left behind its' sacred soil, plants, and roots. Humanity, which first appeared in Africa, shares the same soils, plants and roots of our shared descendants inside the "Sacred Gardens." The Native Americans later shared this land, fishing the lakes and growing food there. Many African slaves, fortunate enough to escape--found safety in this land, and married the Native Americans where they became known as “Maroons."

On this fertile land, they performed their rituals for each season, prayed daily to the four-directions, performed birthing ceremonies, and held their tribal meetings and teachings. They honored the land with special rituals before all they did, playing their instruments and drumming, and living in harmony and peace with one another. This land; now "The Sacred Gardens" was not tarnished by man. Instead it was purchased by The Ifa Foundation International, and left untouched; honored and respected, as those who had always lived there reverently treated the land.

When you enter the gates of “The Sacred Gardens” you can tap into a very unique experience. Whether you take the walk in the ancient mathematical system of the labyrinth, or rest your whole body; becoming as one with the stunning forty-foot long figure of Onile--the Earth Mother, you can renew your spirit. You may choose to spend time at "Ela," with a giant stature, to connect by absorbing the empowerment as you relax under her three sets of twelve-foot, sculptive, long arms. Or visit the powerful outdoor shrines and figures of the African deities. You will know you have reached the place where you can open yourself up to trusting yourself and the universe, becoming one with The Sacred Gardens; a historical place with solutions for peace and success in all areas of your life.

Ifa Priest Oluwo Fagbamila (Philip Neimark) states, "As an Oluwo in the Ancient path of Ifa, I have practiced, and studied for five decades. Our relationship with plants is probably the most significant way in which we each can feel the power and beauty of the planet. It is interesting that “plant” and “planet” are so closely connected. From the ancient times; our great, great-grandmothers would grow and harvest the plants which their grandmothers used, and passed on from generation to generation. Yet now, that connection is basically lost. The "root woman" of the past has slowly disappeared. Our Sacred Gardens combines these very three necessary components for energized plants.

1. Ritual Energy: Hundreds of initiations are carried out utilizing the ase' (spiritual energy) of all the individuals who visit Ola Olu; either for enlightenment, or initiation.
2. Divination: The plants and the soil originated in West Africa, and our intent is to always honor and include them.
3. Ancestral Connection: Our departed blood relatives also comprise the third critical factor in connecting with what is possible, and what will do no harm. Our philosophy believes our ancestors are "always" accessible to us.

Ours is a process of awakening the individual to the genuine functioning of the Universe and allowing not only for solutions, but for going forward on our paths in a myriad of ways, without harm to ourselves or others. You may participate on any level, from visitor to initiate. Each and every avenue will reward you with an understanding of how this world used to work--and how it can work again."

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Notice: This content and the spiritual services of Ola Olu are no substitute for any legal, financial, psychological, or medical treatment.

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