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School Clocks That Connect to Wi-Fi

Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time

“I do highly recommend Admoveo to people for the system,” ”
— Indian Mountain School in Lakeville CT
PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, March 13, 2019 / -- Admoveo Solutions has released a Wi-Fi wireless clock system that is remarkably streamlining life in the school system for all students and faculty. This system of clocks is both highly functional and deeply reliable for the overall ease of the school day schedule—one that is not wisely left to chance in lesser technology.

As one of their valued customers from Indian Mountain School in Lakeville CT explains, “I do highly recommend Admoveo to people for the system,” and Admoveo believes this is because their clock system is truly comparable to smart phones in that it is the most capable technology of its kind. With an internet connection that spans the school already in place, these clocks can easily be installed to synchronize with the existing network. The clocks then pull the signal from the time server in the existing network, or any other reliable time site accessible through the internet. These Wifi clocks can then also integrate with the school’s paging or bell systems, providing one elegant solution to all logistical needs of keeping a typical school day flowing in harmony.

With even an easy-to-navigate, cloud-base monitoring capability, smart Wifi clocks sound like the logical next step in school infrastructure, but what about the maintenance of this sophisticated technology? These clocks are actually incredibly easy to install; as portable, wireless clocks, these machines run on battery power that can be installed initially and then remain untouched for 5-8 years! Because these clocks pick up signals wirelessly, there is virtually no upkeep or need to even turn the hands. Not even for daylight saving time. That’s right—these clocks synchronize automatically with the most accurate timing on the planet, eliminating any concern for turning the clock back at the right time, or the need to reach for clocks in inconvenient locations just a couple times a year.

If the analog clock does not fit with the modern style-scape of your building, Admoveo also offers wireless digital clocks that also connect with Wifi and can be hung from any angle most convenient to its location. Double-faced, one-sided—these stylish clocks is important, but so is what actually comes across the clocks in writing, if the time ever calls for it. Unfortunately, school intruders or inclement weather occurs more often than we’d like, especially when it comes to our children in schools where their fate is in someone else’s hands. Admoveo has thought forward in this regard, as well, offering the capacity for clocks to switch from telling time to streaming written messages that can be activated form any smart phone or tablet in the building. The thoroughness of this wireless clock system is truly enviable to anyone who has not caught up to the smart age of clocks.

About Admoveo Solutions: Admoveo Solutions, LLC has a global reach with our product line, offering clock and communication products such as WiFi Clocks, PA & Paging Intercom System. We have skilled project managers who dedicate themselves to ensure you get the information, pricing, and recommendation you need to make a great decision. We represent the most effective technology rich products to help organizations just like yours with your communication and timing needs. The advantage to our customers is that we are not tied to one manufacturer or software developer, we are tied to our customers themselves. We provide the options, the experience, and the service to make sure you get the best solution for your organization.

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