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Whose a Lame Duck Judge

ASJ to implement Lame Duck Leaderboard to rank ineffectual judges in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2019 / -- When justice goes awry and hubris judges disregard clear principals of law, then lame duck justice is being imposed on all citizens of the Commonwealth. And, Timothy J.Hauler, a Chesterfield County Circuit Court Judge, is doing just that.

Hauler's name continues to make headline because of his hubris antics, and, is one of many reasons why the Board of Directors of the Altruist Society for Justice (ASJ) has characterized Hauler as an ineffectual judge making him the first Circuit Court Judge of the Commonwealth to make the ASJ Lame Duck Leaderboard since its inception. This announcement comes amid allegations of controversial judgments, a high rate of reversals in the Virginia Appellate Courts and his "that was easy!" noisemaker button used in the courtroom.

According to ASJ, the board's decision was based on a series of highly publicized rulings that Hauler made that caught their attention.

ASJ Director, Anthony A. Burke released the following statement: "Since launching the ASJ campaign to investigate claims of injustice and violations of due process claims at the hands of judges in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we've selected a notable case where Judge Hauler not only presided over a jury trial where the defendant had been accused of a sex offense, but made controversial decisions during the trial that made it "easy" for the jury to convict him. Hauler's record also shows, in that case, that he ignored every post litigation proceeding in that case by simply denying the motions without filing an opinion. I guess his intentions were to deny the motions to keep the defendant from accessing evidence, held by the County's Police Record Administrator, that would support the defendants subject matter jurisdiction claim based on invalid indictments. It's apparent that Hauler's judicial practices continue to reflect his 'that was easy' policy, thus engendering lame duck justice."

One such highly publicized case that questioned Hauler's effectiveness as a judge was the matter of Dana William, a violent sexual predator, who wreaked havoc on surrounding communities after being released by Judge Hauler who had denied Virginia’s Attorney General Office request to civilly commit as a violent sexual predator.

ASJ is now focused on shining a light on a twenty (20) year old case Hauler presided over. The case of Daniel A. Majette v. Commonwealth, a stark contrast to the William case, has baffled the minds of many legal professionals who are of the most simplistic beliefs that Judge Hauler has turned a blind eye on Majette’s case. However, several legal analysts contend that there are several remedies available for Majette case to be heard but, the determining factor is whether Hauler will placed the matter on the court docket.

When challenging the validity of the charging instruments or indictments a defendant can raise a jurisdictional claim in the court at anytime. And then, there is a federal constitutional due process clause that allows for the vacation of a conviction based on an offense not charge, also known as a fatal variance. As a last resort, a defendant can petition the Governor for a pardon. However, based on the nature of the accusation and the political climate, a pardon or should we say justice is never favored at the cost of political ambition. And, in light of Governor Ralph Northam’s racial photo controversy, justice with understanding of facts can never be given by Northam who himself is now seeking justice and understanding for his disingenuous conduct. To learn more and to support ASJ, go to

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