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Altruist Society for Justice Debuts as a Warrior of Fairness in the Criminal Justice System

National non-governmental organization will begin to investigate claims of injustice across the Commonwealth

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2018 / -- The Board of Directors at the Altruist Society for Justice (ASJ) has just announced the launch of their new non-governmental organization that aims to review cases and claims of injustice and violations of due process of the law at the hands of district, circuit, and appellate court judges appointed and serving in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ASJ will focus on specific claims and allegations of violations of basic constitutional cannons by jurists in Virginia with a mission of shining light on the Old Dominion’s judiciary, which has long been shrouded in secrecy. ASJ will work to remove judges with a track record of violations, support jurists who uphold the law equally and fairly, and will work to overturn cases of those wrongfully convicted.

According to ASJ, “It’s our responsibility as a civilized society to uphold the moral fabric of our criminal justice system by holding bad actors accountable and freeing from confinement innocent persons incarcerated at their hands.”

ASJ Director Anthony A. Burke released the following statement in response to today’s official launch:

“Virginia is practically the mother of our nation. It stood at the vanguard of individual liberty and justice for all. Today, it seems to have lost its way. In the name of being tough on crime and through political back door dealings and a good ole boy system of jurisprudence between judges, attorneys, and law enforcement more and more cases of injustice permeate from Virginia courtrooms. ASJ is dedicated, under my leadership, to combatting egregious violations of justice, holding judges accountable, and shining a light on those who have suffered from the vengeance of a corrupt

The organization encourages anyone who has been wrongfully convicted, or knows someone who has, to reach out to and allow the ASJ to speak on their behalf.

About Altruist Society for Justice

The Altruist Society for Justice is a non-governmental organization with a core mission of fighting injustice handed down in the Commonwealth. Contribute and become part of ASJ Allies here.

Anthony Burke, Director
Altruist Society for Justice
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