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OIPA-OKOGA Action Alert: House Bill 1379

The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on HB 1379, authored by Rep. Taylor (HD-28), on Tuesday (Feb. 26) at 3 p.m.

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If you are bothered by what you are seeing, then you need to contact the House Judiciary Committee.”
— James O’Conner
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, US, February 26, 2019 / -- The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on HB 1379, authored by Rep. Taylor (HD-28), on Tuesday (Feb. 26) at 3 p.m. In short, this bill will have a crippling impact on new oil and natural gas development, while flooding the Oklahoma court system with a series of unnecessary litigation.

Rep. Taylor’s legislation places all responsibility to secure wellbores on the active producer, none on the well operator, regardless of the bore’s integrity. Eliminating the well operator’s liability and placing it on an active operator, who does not have legal authority to secure the well, unnecessarily creates environmental risk and places an unreasonable burden on active producers.

This legislation could dramatically reduce exploration and production activity (and corresponding gross production tax revenue) to provide a specific benefit for a small group of well operators, who generate very little economic activity in relation to the active producers, and have a remedy – through the district courts – already in place.

Our industry has been the largest taxpayer in Oklahoma for decades – and responsible production has even led to a projected budget surplus. This bill has the potential to erase the economic progress we have made.

HB 1379 would:

Dramatically reduce exploration and production in the state;
Result in a loss of much-needed GPT revenue that helps fund schools;
Cause significant environmental impacts; and
Create confusion on the judicial system with unnecessary litigation.

We need your help to defeat HB 1379.

Below is the list of House Judiciary committee members. While many are relatively new faces to the Capitol, we urge you to reach out to those whom you may know, are your representatives, or represent areas in which you or your company operates.

The outreach is simple. Either click the name of the legislator(s) you would like to contact via email below or pick up the phone to contact their offices directly, to voice your opposition to HB 1379.

Thank you for your help!

Chad Warmington
President, OIPA-OKOGA

Sample Email Draft

Dear Rep. _________,

I am emailing today to express concerns and voice my opposition to HB 1379, authored by Rep. Taylor (HD-28). This bill would have a chilling effect on oil and natural gas exploration and development in Oklahoma. As you know, the industry provides jobs and critical revenue for the hard-working people of Oklahoma – and this bill threatens to erase the ability to continue doing so for the overwhelming majority of the industry.

I urge you to NOT SUPPORT HB 1379 in the House Judiciary Committee.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

Sample Phone Script

Hi, my name is _________.

I am calling today to voice my opposition to House Bill 1379, that will be heard in the House Judiciary committee. This bill would have a devastating impact on the oil and natural gas industry’s ability to create jobs and much-needed budget revenue for our state, and will have negative consequences on the environment.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that Rep. ___________, will oppose the bill in the House Judiciary Committee.
House Judiciary Committee Members
(To view a map of committee member districts, place
Email Chairman Chris Kannady (HD-91):

Email Vice Chair Danny Sterling (HD-27)

Email Rep. Terry O’Donnell (HD-23)
Email Rep. Johnny Tadlock (HD-1)

Email Rep. Dustin Roberts (HD-21)

Email Rep. Ben Loring (HD-7)

Email Rep. David Perryman (HD-56)

Email Rep. Avery Frix (HD-13)

Email Rep. Rhonda Baker (HD-60)

Email Rep. Mike Osburn (HD-81)

Email Rep. Rande Worthen (HD-64)

Email Rep. Jason Lowe (HD-97)

Email Rep. Collin Walke (HD-87)

Email Rep. Jim Olsen (HD-2)

Email Rep. Tammy Townley (HD-48)

Email Rep. Robert Manger (HD-101)

Email Rep. Judd Strom (HD-10)


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