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centertec earmarks $10,000 to fund STEM education for underprivileged classrooms


Kids learn STEM using VR at summer camp

College Student using centertec GO mobile VR in classroom

centertec earmarks $10k to fund STEM camp education for underprivileged and low-income schools

That’s why centertec decided to sponsor 25 free VR lessons at classrooms all around the Philadelphia region...”
— Bill Tustin, CEO
PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2019 / -- centertec earmarks $10,000 to fund STEM education for underprivileged and low-income classrooms

Virtual Reality experiences encompass much more than just gaming, though games do tend to get the most recognition in the industry. For instance there are training opportunities, art programs, architecture, medical, a growing catalogue of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educational content and much more.

centertec, a large Virtual Reality showroom headquartered inside the Oxford Valley Mall near Philadelphia, provides guests a full variety of VR experiences, with 32 room-scale VR stations and a large classroom. Celebrating their third year in operations, centertec is proud to further their commitment to STEM initiatives with summerTEC, their STEM summer camp.

SummerTEC is a full-day program that runs again this year in one-week increments from June 10 through August 30 geared towards school kids between the ages of 5 -16. The engaging curriculum teaches students about computer programing, engineering, games, robots, science experiments, art and design while giving them freedom to pursue whichever subject interests them most. There is ample time allotted for outdoor activities like launching water-propelled rockets, and socializing to make new friends. SummerTEC is now in its third year of operation.

In addition to centertec SummerTEC summer camp, centertec hosts school field trips at their facility and also brings VR learning opportunities directly to schools. With 30 mobile headsets and a diverse curriculum that can be adapted for K-12, centertec has STEM solutions for schools that want to get into VR but aren’t sure how.

“Encouraging the pursuit of STEM education is part of the mission at centertec”, says William Tustin, CEO, “but we understand that technology can be prohibitively expensive for some schools and families. That’s why centertec decided to sponsor 25 free VR lessons at classrooms all around the Philadelphia region in which we’ll travel to them and facilitate an hour long STEM VR lesson.”

For every parent that enrolls their child in summerTEC, centertec will work with up to 25 local schools to provide VR STEM lessons.

“We want to make STEM accessible but we understand that schools are limited in their funding. Our mobile VR kit for up to 30 students simultaneously is a perfect opportunity to bring exciting VR experiences to the classroom while demoing the technology for teachers/administrators and highlighting STEM topics.” says Tustin.

centertec has already facilitated over 100 classroom lessons in VR, each about 1 hour long, and continues to add new content while gathering feedback from teachers and students alike.

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