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The Gandhi Murder Shall not be released in India

When British release Indian campaigner Mohandas Gandhi from prison

The producers of The Gandhi Murder have decided against releasing the movie in India, citing security concerns.

I understand it is election year, but we are making a movie that represents the truth, without taking any sides. Give us a break.”
— Pankaj Sehgal - Director
NY, --, USA, January 22, 2019 / -- “Our Co-Producer Ms. Lakshmi Iyer has been threatened, forcing her to change her residence twice in the last six months, a close tab is being maintained on the movements of the Co-Director Mr. Pankaj Sehgal, who has been receiving threats on his personal mobile, from callers with hidden ID. One of the main actors is not even answering interview requests,” says Dr. Moobi Alwright, a company senior executive based out of Dubai.

“It is shocking that without even seeing the movie, people have made their own assessment of whether it is pro or anti-incumbency, without the consideration that this is a privately produced film with the producers having no link with any political party”, says Sehgal, the co-director and one of the production managers of Nugen Media. “I understand it is election year, but we are making a movie that represents the truth, without taking any sides. Give us a break.”

Another member of the production team shifted his residence from Chennai to Mumbai, and is now in the process of leaving the country.

“It is not a question of standing up to what you believe in,” says Dr. Moobi. “It is a question of standing up to a ghost warfare, where you don’t really know who your enemy is, and what kind of threat it is. You want to release a strong content based on true events, and suddenly unchartered calls and threats follow. We are making a film on Mahatma Gandhi’s murder. We are not Mahatma Gandhi, who will stand up to these type of senseless attacks.”

Dr. Moobi further elaborated “From getting the censor clearance to safety and security of the Nugen Media team in India, it has simply been a nightmare, and we realize now it is simply not worth it. When India is mature enough for sensible films, the people will act like it. For now, they can enjoy the movie on digital network, as and when it becomes available”.

The Gandhi Murder’, starring Stephen Lang, Luke Pasqualino, Om Puri and Vinnie Jones, covers in depth the tumultuous last days in the life of Mahatma Gandhi that eventually led to his assassination on 30th January, 1948. The movie releases worldwide on 30th January, 2019.

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