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Author, Transition Coach and Career Expert, Denise Kalm to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WALNUT CREEK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2019 / -- Denise Kalm is a woman who has many talents and uses them in several businesses, yet they all have one thing in common: she loves to help people and make an impact on their lives. Denise used to work in the IT field, and while it gave her the chance to use her writing skills, she did not have a sense of human impact. She thought about how she could see the direct measure of her efforts on people and began to pursue a degree as a therapist. Along the way, she moved her studies to coaching: not only was that a shorter course, but the philosophy meshed more with her own ideas about people: they are not sick or broken, they just need a catalyst to help them get from point A to point B.

Denise says many people associate a coach with sports, and she doesn’t really mind that. After all, she says, Tiger Woods uses a coach to take his swing to the next level, and people will hire her to help take them from where they are to where they want to be. Denise loves being that type of transitions counselor and a source of support - - especially for women, who she says tend to put their needs a step behind.

With DPK Coaching, Denise helps clients determine their strengths and goals, and in many cases to explore career directions. Clients learn to look for ways to find satisfaction and joy, every day. She urges people, particularly women, to know your worth, and give yourself permission to go after what you want. There’s a time in a woman’s life she says, when you stop and reassess. Are your own needs being met? As a coach, she works with clients on these questions, enabling them to dig deep enough to create actionable plans.

Career counseling and transition coaching are ways that Denise helps people get unstuck. As an author, she also helps other writers overcome writer’s block. Denise has written both fiction and non-fiction, and three of her books are oriented to employment. technology and careers. The most recent is First Job Savvy—Find a Job, Start Your Career. It unifies much of her coaching and counseling advice about doing what you love.

In helping clients figure out their strengths and purpose, Denise could use assessment methodologies popular in coaching, but prefers one of her own. It’s also a tool that clients can use with or without guidance. The person writes down everything they are good at, then gets input from others (friends, spouse, co-workers, etc.) on what they think you are good at. Then, go through the list and see the what common areas and traits shine forth. Cross out things that don’t fit from all perspectives, and a top set will emerge—Your Happiness Intersection.

Denise will speak about being a successful coach, writer and career counselor in her show. You will find value in all she shares, starting with her name: Kalm, it reminds us to maintain our composure as we confront change.

CUTV News will Feature Denise Kalm in an Interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, January 22nd at 2:00pm EST

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