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Fire Damage Expert gives Advice about the Recent Fires

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Not all fire damage companies have the right equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to perform the reconstruction expertly.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, December 20, 2018 / -- With the fires occurring in the Thousand Oaks, Malibu,and Ventura county, for homes that have been burned or for homes that have smoke, soot and ash damage that have not been burned, fire and smoke remediation is an urgent matter that should be addressed by qualified restoration specialists.” said an LA fire damage contractor, Karl Brook, of KRB Flood &Fire Restoration.

Karl explains,“If your home has been burned, before restoration work can proceed, you want to make sure the home is completely safe. Roofs, floors, and structural walls can be damaged enough that there is a safety hazard. Fires can also restart again so you want to confirm with the fire department that it is safe to enter the premises. After city officials give the authorization to enter your property, it is important to assess what is immediately needed so fire damage restoration work can proceed.The fire department normally turns utilities off after a fire. KRB Flood & Fire is able to bubble test and pressurize gas lines to be sure there are no leaks and can purge lines and relight pilots in the home. We verify there are no leaks from the water lines and can check the electrical systems to be sure they are safe to turn on and operate.”

“Oftentimes, the insurance is inundated with hundreds of claims and they don’t respond as readily as you may need. In many cases, property owners need to start the work ahead of time until the insurance can get there. We make sure to video, still-shot, and document the existing conditions of the property to submit to insurance until they can get there so they will have proper documentation for their files.”

“Restoring your home quickly after a fire is critical because the damage from the fire, and the water used to put the fire out, can cause high humidity and lets soot and ash permeate into building materials and personal property. The longer it sits, water damage can turn to mold, and the costs will increase and tear out will be more extensive due to saturated building materials and personal contents that can no longer be saved from prolonged exposure.”

“For the properties that luckily do not burn, but that have odor-related issues, the structure could have soot and ash particles enter the home through doors, windows and open voids and can get into attic areas and air conditioning and heating systems. It is recommended that you do not run these systems until your home is inspected. We have seen that after fire disasters, people turn on the fan or their air conditioning systems, which is very damaging,as soot and ash spread all over interior walls, ceilings, and contents and contaminates ducting and HVAC systems. These areas can be examined with a camera system and cleaned with a specialized duct cleaning system.”

“In smoke, soot and ash affected houses, our company specializes in chemical wipe-down of all surfaces. Commercial Hepa vacuum systems are utilized to clean surfaces of soot and ash. For the odor, we use high-volume Charcoal Hepa air purifiers to clean the particles in the air, and provide air-quality testing to confirm the home is environmentally safe for move-in. For homes partially devastated by fire or homes totally burned down, we are also reconstruction / restoration specialists that can rebuild homes back to their original condition.”

"Our office is available seven days a week and we have 24-hour emergency response crews and equipment to assist people in need. If you need us, we will be there."

KRB Flood & Fire Restoration recently spent the last year working in Montecito’s extensive disaster recovery work. KRB also serves the areas of Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, West Los Angeles, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, South Bay and Orange County.KRB provides consulting services that can help with your insurance and provide documentation to get your best settlement possible. We specialize in taking charge of the emergency at hand and help our clients through this difficult and stressful time by expertly and rapidly restoring their properties.

About KRB Flood & Fire Restoration:
KRB Flood & Fire Restoration was established by Karl Brook. Karl has been in the construction business for 35 years. He has performed many fire and flood restoration projects and emergency recovery work for residential and commercial clients. Karl established KRB Flood & Fire Restoration to help with disaster recovery work for people in need and can also provide the reconstruction/restoration of properties. They are available 24/7, so they are always available to take your calls. KRB Flood & Fire Restoration provides written estimates. KRB is certified, insured, licensed and bonded.
For more information, visit or call 310 766-5555.

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