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Needle Pain Problem Solved: In Largest Flu Shot Pain Study To Date, Novel Buzzy Device Improves Experience, Reduces Pain

Influencing Vaccinations: A Buzzy Approach to Ease the Discomfort of a Needle Stick-a Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial.

We've Got Buzzy!

Flu Shot With Buzzy

Building on a large body of research showing procedural efficacy, new study shows Buzzy helps adults with flu shots - especially anxious adults.

Adults use our Cool-Pulse tech for muscle and injury pain, so it makes sense that Buzzy can block their needle pain as well. Improving adherence and vaccine uptake saves lives.”
— Amy Baxter MD, Chief Pain Care Officer, Pain Care Labs

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2018 / -- Needle fear contributed to an estimated 12,000 influenza deaths in the 2017-2018 flu season and impacts biologic adherence for 86% of patients. A new study out this month demonstrates a fast, inexpensive device that is widely used for IV access in hospitals may change that.

Buzzy, manufactured by Pain Care Labs, is a vibrating ice pack used in over 5,000 hospitals and clinics to physically block the pain of blood draws. Last year, the company won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "Local Pain Relief" technology leader award. Initially intended for children, Buzzy has been proven equivalent to both the leading topical anesthetic and virtual reality. Buzzy is twice as effective as cold spray at stopping needle pain. A new adult study shows even greater promise for flu shots.

In the largest Buzzy study to date, Redfern et al randomized 497 adult hospital workers to Buzzy or standard care at the employer-sponsored vaccine clinic. The study showed Buzzy significantly reduced the pain of the annual influenza vaccination. Significantly more participants in the Buzzy group rated the flu shot experience as better than previous years. Most importantly, the highest impact was for the most difficult to get vaccinated: the anxious adult.

"As societal needle anxiety increases, our herd immunity depends on overcoming fear and getting vaccinated," said CEO Amy Baxter MD. "If reluctant patients know they can get a flu shot with a Buzzy, it can save lives."

This new adult influenza vaccine study is the twenty-sixth independent randomized control trial using Buzzy to control needle pain, and reinforces earlier research in adults. A Target study found 23% of adults do not get their flu shot because of needle fear. In unpublished data from a national pharmacy chain, 84% of adults felt no pain when Buzzy was used with their flu shot, and nearly half (45%) said they would choose their flu shot pharmacy based on Buzzy.

Multiple studies have shown Buzzy reduces the pain of needles as effectively as costly virtual reality or time-consuming creams. "As healthcare costs skyrocket and patients look for drug-free pain relief, it's exciting that such simple physiology provided a powerful solution for pain."

The CDC recognizes influenza as a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. While those health burdens may change each year, one recommendation remains constant: The first and most important step in preventing flu is to get a flu vaccine each year. For adults who might otherwise avoid the vaccine, Buzzy is proven to help.

About Pain Care Labs

Founded in 2006 by pediatric emergency doctor and pain researcher Amy Baxter MD FAAP FACEP, Pain Care Labs is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary pain. Using the physiologic technique of “gate control”, the devices block pain by stimulating the motion nerves (like TENS units) and cold nerve feedback system. Instead of electric shocks, Pain Care Labs determined the frequency that naturally stimulates the motion nerves with comfortable vibration. Unique intense ice packs reduce inflammation and add a powerful inhibitory pain relief called Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control. The company’s award-winning first device, Buzzy for Shots, created a new category of pain reliever. In 2017 the company was awarded the “Industry Leader in Local Pain Relief” from Frost & Sullivan. Buzzy is used worldwide and has blocked pain from over 31 million needles. VibraCool is used for athletic and post-operative pain. New DuoTherm Vibrating Back Pain reliever will be introduced at CES this January. See other projects and company information at

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