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Kotstantin Balakiryan: California fires: Shovels or hydrogen capsules against wild fires

Prof. Balakiryan: In the fight against forest fires, we need to use the latest achievements of science and technology. These primarily include hydrogen capsules

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, November 21, 2018 / -- Of the tens thousand photographs from California, tearing at the heart of any normal person, I chose this one because it is clearly demonstrates our helplessness in the face of these horrific disasters. Look at what weapons our brave firefighters go to fight fire with: one has a fire hose nozzle, the other has a shovel. Such a photograph could have been a fire back in 1826, but we live in the 21st century.

The newest technologies have penetrated into all spheres of our life, while our firefighters still risk their lives with a shovel and a water hose. I believe that every time firefighters are placed in these situations it is the result of someone’s irresponsibility, even criminal negligence... when there is another, safer, faster way.

As firefighters dig trenches with shovels and construction equipment exposing their lives to insane danger, and the support from the limited numbers of planes and helicopters often takes several hours to be available, the fires gain in size, intensity, destruction, and increase the threat to lives.

I think the dominant strategy for extinguishing wildfires today should be focused on using hydrogen capsules. Hydrogen capsules would take about 45 minutes to create a safety alley between a wall of fire and the houses of a city such as Paradise, and the lives of people and their property would be saved. With wildfires getting worse, it is well beyond time to upgrade the primary method of extinguishing these fires, for greater effectiveness, safely, and speed.

It is for this we have created the new Explosive Hydrogen Capsule concept, which when introduced into a fiery inferno produces five beneficial fire suppression actions:

Scientists involved in environmental problems say that over the past 20 years the number of such disasters has increased 4 times! Apparently, the growth trend of wildfires will continue. This means that California, as well as other US states, are threatened with even more frequent and more powerful wildfires.

Now is the time, we must bring to the fight against this threat, the latest achievements of science to modernize our means of firefighting. Considering advances in nanotechnology, controlled explosions, and hydrogen capsules, allowing first to localize the fires, and then completely destroy them.

It was about these hydrogen capsules that the world press wrote, "Mankind has never before possessed such a powerful means for forest fire extinguishing"

Maybe now, those who are responsible for fire safety in the country will consider there could be another powerful tool to enhance their dedicated efforts with taming wild fires.

Perhaps the idea of using hydrogen capsules was previously passed over because they had doubts:

1. Doubts that explosions can effectively extinguish a flame?
Scientists all over the world have conducted hundreds of experiments that confirmed the highest effectiveness of a fire extinguishing explosion.
Look at just three of the publications verifying this:
- Using Explosives to Put Out Wildfires Is Actually a Great Idea - Gizmodo.
- This flame-suppressing dodgeball puts out fires instantly
- Fighting fire with explosives

2.Doubts that hydrogen has explosive capacity?
This is a truth that does not require proof! It is well known, hydrogen in a proper mixture with oxygen (explosive gas) has a monstrous explosion force.
Well-known comparative tables confirm that hydrogen is 8-9 times more explosive than such gases as methane, butane and propane.

3. Doubts that when hydrogen is burned, water is formed?
This is more than 250 years ago proved the great English scientist Henry Cavendish. He wrote about it; "Hydrogen in a mixture with hot air reactors with the explosion and with the formation of water”. Resulting in a clean explosion without adding more pollutants into the atmosphere.

4. Doubts that an explosion of calculated strength will be able to knock down trees?
Explosion will not only knock down trees, but also significantly reduce
volume of combustible materials. In addition, the blast wave will raise up soil and dust, the shock will interrept the access of oxygen and then become an excellent fireproof cover.

5. Doubts that hydrogen capsules will not allow the use of long-practiced, routine extinguishing agents wild fires?
On the contrary, this can be used in conjunction with any other methods. For example, after the volley of hydrogen capsules, it is possible chemical reagents can be applied via a second volly of capsules or with other traditional methods.

Let's not allow doubts to cloud the potential for new techniques and tools in the firefighting arsenal, let's get working on this!

More control over wildfires is necessary to save human lives, homes, property, and "lungs" of the Planet.
The fight against forest fires can be characterized by the words of the Roman historian Cornelius Nepos, (1st century BC) “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

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