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Many are considering solar water pump systems as the national grid is becoming risky and expensive!

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Renewable Water Harvesting & Pumping Solutions”
— Hannes Moolman
GEORGE, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, November 19, 2018 / -- Water is on our priority list and the options of harvesting water is expanding daily. Solar energy is becoming more affordable and more efficient as technology is rapidly enhancing.

Many are considering solar water pump options as the national grid is becoming risky and expensive. Many farming communities are moving towards renewable water harvesting options due to product availability and price as solar pumping systems are becoming more affordable and available in Africa. A solar powered water pump compared with a conventional grid connected AC pump just makes more sense when considering the cost of electricity on the long run.

Using the sun power to pump water can greatly relieve the cost of electricity and ensure water availability in remote areas where there is urgent need.There are three different systems that can be installed when considering a solar pumping solutions;

• DC Solar Pumps
• DC to AC Solar Pumps
• Hybrid Solar Pumps (New technology)

How does a solar pump work?

The energy created by the sun, commonly referred to as solar power, can be utilised in several ways to convert the sun's rays into electricity. With the solar pump, solar energy is converted into electricity by ways of solar cells to power a DC or AC motor through a pump controller, pump inverter or VFD Drive. Solar pumps are widely used in boreholes, wells, swimming pools, dams, rivers, fountains and larger agricultural projects for irrigation and pivot applications.

Solar pumps operate by using the following main components. The solar array collects the sun’s UV rays and converts it into usable electricity. A pump controller or MPPT controller regulates the DC voltage for specialized DC pumps at specific voltages. These systems can also be fitted with an auxiliary AC input controller or panel for generator or grid connection when long pumping hours are needed, emergency situations or during prolonged cloudy days.

Solar pumps are an environmentally friendly and an energy/cost efficient way to pump water for a wide range of domestic and commercial purposes.

Solar pumps are in many cases self-contained pumping systems or combined with grid or a generator depending the priority and availability of options. A Solar pumping system is one of the greatest solutions to the electricity challenges in South Africa as it utilises the abundance of free energy which we have daily.

Solar pumps are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance, and they have a lifespan of roughly 20 years depending the quality and or brand. This means that after the initial set up costs their servicing costs are minimum should the water quality be at a good standard.

The variable flow rate of a solar pump is largely determined by the strength and position of the sun. You need to ensure that the specific solar water pump purchased meets the needs of your system and application as there are various models and ranges available for different depth’s and flow rates.

Another very important aspect is the submersible depth specification by the manufacturer as most of the solar DC pumps make use of oil cooled motors and is subject to atmospheric pressure limitations.

Tripple Hydro & Energy is a specialist company offering renewable water harvesting and pumping solutions in Sub-Sahara Africa. The company offers a wide range of solar water pumps South Africa and solar related products to choose from.

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