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Launch an Economical ICO in Two Weeks on a New Platform by LEXIT

LexICO Crowdsale Platform

LexICO allows startups to launch a customized token sale in just ten days and offers a discount to those who choose to pay in its native token, LXT.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, November 9, 2018 / -- Following an announcement that LXT hit the Bitmart exchange on November 1st, token holders may see value increase in their holdings as the LXT token begins to see use on the LexICO crowdsale platform.

LEXIT bills its token sale platform to uniquely offer a discounted, customizable service with ‘no need to pay a success fee on funds raised’ in the provision of a full solution to rapidly launch an ICO.

LexICO can accommodate any type of crowdsale as it can be tailored to any token purchase limits, KYC requirements and special discounts as well as additional functionality for bounty campaigns and airdrops.

Startups are also given intuitive tools on the platform to monitor the performance of an ICO campaign on a simple, ready-made interface.

Development of LexICO 2.0 is in progress as the LEXIT team aim to create a more ‘streamlined and efficient’ onboarding process for startups looking to kickstart their campaign and forge ahead with other activities related to completing a project.

The underpinning ideal is that founders have more time to develop their product rather than focusing efforts on building a platform they will only use once. It also means that ICOs, which often take months to prepare, can instead be launched in a couple of weeks.

Powered by blockchain, LEXIT is an online marketplace for buying and selling companies as well as intellectual properties. Conducting mergers and acquisitions is easier than ever before on its platform while for the first time I.P. can be listed on a searchable registry.

LXT tokens fuel platform functions as they are used to pay for nominal listing fees, advisory help, and even trades themselves. As the native token begins to trade on the Bitmart exchange, LEXIT has said that projects of all sizes are welcomed to an offering that stands to benefit businesses at any stage in their life cycle.

The message is clear: LXT tokens now have tangible value, so those interested in using the LEXIT and LexICO platform are able to buy LXT on the Bitmart exchange.

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