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Commissary Food is King

Over 120 recipes, from the dips to pizza to burritos in your cell

The Cell Chef Cookbook

More great recipes for commissary cooking!

The Cell Chef Cookbook II

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Honey Buns and Ramen Noodles Top the Commissary List

Food is essential to life; therefore, make it great!”
— Tanner George Cummings
NORTH DIGHTON, MA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2018 / -- Hot tap water, ramen noodles, Fritos, canned sausage and cheese. This concoction is one of many that supplement the bland food served in prisons. It is the prison culture, that many prisoners do not want to eat what comes out of the kitchens; that’s usually the number one complaint. Prison cuisine. has earned a reputation for being unpalatable.

The prison kitchens serve meals that are lacking in taste, smell odd and are not appealing to say the least. Prison kitchens don’t worry about seasonings, being tasty or even what it looks like; Prison food is not prepared in that manner.

To supplement, prisons provide inmates the privilege of purchasing commissary items—varying from hygiene products, paper, envelopes and postage stamps to flavorings—that can provide those behind bars a taste of home and makes revenue for the facility. The profit made from the sales on commissary is called Inmate Trust Funds and can only be spent on things that directly benefit the prisoners. Funds for items that are direct expenses have been spent on uniforms, blankets, hygiene kits, towels, mattresses, jailhouse sandals and more. Purchases of new cameras for surveillance and computer terminal areas used by the inmates for their email services, or buying downloads of books, music, photos for their tablets.

Commissary food is king but can get boring if you eat it just the way it comes. So, to be creative is key. Ramen noodles are a common staple. The noodles, honey buns, coffee and jalapeño pretzels made the list of inmates’ favorite delicacies. Commissary is the prisons’ general market/store. Commissary items also can be traded and bartered with.

Who's in the mood for a Sweet Vanilla Sin Coffee?

Not everyone can be a world-class Iron Chef of prison cooking therefore Freebird Publishers have created the Cell Chef Cookbooks. Our Cell Chef Cookbooks are filled with hundreds of fantastic recipes, that can be simply made with every day, commonly sold commissary/store foods. Every recipe has been tried and thoroughly tested. Loved by everyone.

You do not have to drop major money to make something delish. Simple, inexpensive foods can easily be made into interesting mouth-watering recipes, that you will make over and over again.

In the Cell Chef Cookbooks, the recipes are divided into four sections: Meals and Snacks, Sauces, Sandwich Spreads, Salsa and Dips, Drinks and Sweet Desserts. Our Cell Chef Cookbooks have extensive Glossaries and Indexes, created to assist you in the process of your preparations and leading to the pleasure of enjoying these wonderful, tasty dishes. Our Cell Chef Cookbooks’ recipes have each been organized with a list of all the needed ingredients, and easy-to-follow directions on how to make them to perfection.

Food is essential to life; therefore, make it great.


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