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Thousands Practice Law Without Passing the Bar

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Legal book series by Kelly Patrick Riggs

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Prison Legal Guide by Mike Enemigo

NORTH DIGHTON, MA, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2018 / -- In this country there are thousands of people that practice law without licenses. They do not work in offices or have paying clients. They are a new breed called Jailhouse Lawyers. They are the incarcerated that chase a law education and act as lawyers from within prisons cells.

According to a “Jailhouse lawyer is a colloquial term in North American English to refer to an inmate in jail or other prison who, though usually never having practiced law nor having any formal legal training, informally assists other inmates in legal matters relating to their sentence (e.g. appeal of their sentence, pardons, stays of execution, etc.) or to their conditions in prison.”

Jailhouse lawyers are a well-established fixture in the justice system. There are many indigent inmates who have little to zero options where their defense is concerned and Jailhouse lawyers can help bridge the gaps between those inmates lack of funds and their legal battles. From helping write criminal appeals to disciplinary appeals and everything in between, these jailhouse lawyers are game changers. In some cases helping other inmates win their freedom.

Freebird Publishers has partnered with Jailhouse Lawyers to bring information and education to inmates Nationwide. Recently releasing a four books of a seven book series, Post-Conviction Relief by Jailhouse Lawyer, Kelly Patrick Riggs and Prison Legal Guide: The Facts You Need to Succeed in the Judicial Arena by Mike Enemigo.
Freebird Publishers books are all written in simple terms for anyone to understand. The pages are filled with understanding of proper practices with sample forms, letters, briefs, motion for hearings, winning cases and more. The books explain all the procedures of the legal arena that anyone needs to get a win.

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