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Nemergent Solutions's technologies support MCOP northbound API

Nemergent Solutions becomes official MCOP API supporter

BILBAO, SPAIN, November 7, 2018 / -- In June 2018, Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) released its MCOP Unified Open API (MUOAPI) definition, aimed at providing a neat interface that exposes the main features necessary to build MCPTT-capable client applications. By following this API, APP developers and core SDK developers may find a common place to create interoperable solutions, preventing the need for ad-hoc re-implementations. Similarly, the MCOP Integration API enables the seamless integration of MCPTT SDKs with MCPTT UE vendors. The introduction of this API fosters the compatibility of different MCPTT client applications with different UEs.

All together, MCOP APIs allow the end customer to choose the best-fitting combinations of mission-critical application provider, MCPTT SDK provider and UE provider for each target project.

Traditionally, the mission critical ecosystem has sheltered a reduced amount of stakeholders with proprietary, confined and isolated commercial solutions. However, a new paradigm has emerged with the standardization of Mission Critical Push-to-talk, video and data (MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData as MCX) technologies. In this way, the solutions that are devoted to following the standard could coexist together and interact between them. The standardization has also brought a greater possibility to improve and enhance the technology, resulting in a more prominent innovation capacity.
Even with this evolution, the standard product development process is costly due to the prior required technical knowledge that needs to be acquired. Besides, there is a trend to decouple the low level standard MCPTT support from the User Interface (UI), which needs to be tailored to the specific needs of each customer depending on the vertical sector, the geographical location and many other factors.
To cope with this issue, MCOP proposes an open platform in the client side that provides the software modules and internal APIs that are needed to build 3GPP Rel13 MCPTT clients. Since MCOP released its source code SDK and sample MCPTT APP, the project has gained considerable attraction in the market.

"Nemergent has been an MCOP supporter from the initial stages, powering the MCOP Online Testing System. The initiative was appealing for us due to its implications in the current and future market of mission critical communications, lowering the entry barriers and fostering the innovation," stressed Jose Oscar Fajardo, Nemergent Solutions CEO.
In the last months, Nemergent Solutions has reinforced its MCOP vision and has adapted its MCPTT client application to support the MUOAPI. With this strategic movement, Nemergent Solution embraces the adoption of MCOP as the de facto client-side API standard. "Moving to well-defined APIs such as MCOP allows us to integrate with other MCPTT stack providers and UE vendors, always fostering interoperability towards more open markets."
Fidel Liberal, the project coordinator of MCOP, said, "Nemergent has always expressed their interest in MCOP and has supported the project in the server side, assisting this way the MCOP client testing phases. The adaptation of their MCPTT client to the northbound API of MCOP deflects their full commitment with MCOP vision and philosophy,".

About MCOP
The MCOP project, funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the framework of the NIST/PSCR Public Safety Innovation Acceleration Program (PSIAP), aims to meet the challenges of the emerging and complex MCPTT ecosystem. The project, set to complete by mid-2019, will define, develop and validate an MCPTT client open platform that identifies neat open interfaces between the different technologies and reduce the integration efforts as well as a live and an online testbed for the applications. MCOP is led by the University of the Basque Country with partners Bittium, Expway and TCCA, supported by Nemergent.

About Nemergent Solutions SL
Nemergent Solutions SL has significant expertise in designing and deploying novel Public Safety solutions over mobile broadband technologies, with an agile development team with vast experience in broadband technologies. Nemergent's portfolio includes a complete and fully standard MCS ecosystem. The server-side components are designed as NFV components, fostering agile and flexible deployments. The innovation-driven nature of the company promotes the establishment of research links with different UE, IMS and telco equipment leading companies.
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