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Crown Goose Bedding: The Perfect Wedding Gift

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Keeping warm with goose down duvets

We make sleep extraordinary.”
— Crown Goose
DOWNEY, CA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / -- Perfect Wedding Gift

Do you have that one family member who is stuck when it comes to what to get you and your partner for the start of your new life together? Not only do Crown Goose duvet sets make the perfect addition to any new home, they also are the absolute best gift to both give and receive. This is especially true since Crown Goose offers amazing wedding packages. These top-of-the-line sets come with a high-quality goose duvet, duvet cover, mattress cover, dual pillow cases and a topper for comfort. This one stop shop for bedding has everything you need to sink into your new life together with ease. This also takes the guesswork out trying to match your bedding with your comfort. The best part about these specialty sets is that they are perfect for all seasons. Whether the sun is high in the sky or the ground covered in snow, with a Crown Goose duvet set; you are in good hands.

One important thing to note about Crown Goose bedding is that it is often the first choice for bedding for many luxurious hotels around the globe. Most of them time when we dream about that amazing vacation we once took, we are really relishing on the amazing sleep we had. Most of the credit is due to the luxurious bed that temporarily called home. Crown Goose bedding is exactly the type of bedding that you can expect to see in not only high-class hotels but also private planes and yachts. Crown Goose bedding can even be found at five-star hotel chains including the Sheraton Hotel and the Grand Hilton Hotel. So, rest easy knowing that the goose down bedding you have chosen is the same one that is so highly revered across the luxury travel community.

No need to worry when it comes to shipping and portability either! Crown Goose ensures that all of their products and packages will be conveniently and safely shipped right to your home. You can even build your own package deals so that you can cut down on not only shipping costs but waste as well. All of Crown Goose products are perfectly packages in strong and sturdy boxes which will help to keep your bedding neat and safe during shipping. You can be assured to know that Crown Goose checks all deliveries for quality purposes and makes sure that all deliveries meet their high standards.

Which Bedding Should You Choose?

Perhaps more importantly than deciding on what brand of bedding works best for you, is choosing which product package works best for your life and comfort. Luckily for you, there is a great wedding package that are designed perfectly for your new home. Here is top package deal that will not only fill all of your bedding needs, but will also save you some money. This deal is so good that they have been featured on The Knot which is registry that has been selectively tailored to newlyweds.

Wedding Package

Perhaps the most popular package deal for newlyweds is the properly named “Wedding Package”. This is not only the best deal for you to get everything you need for your ideal bed, but also gives you even more chances to customize the way you and your partner sleep at night. With this popular package you will receive:
- Duvet (1)
- Pillows (2)
- Duvet Cover set
- Topper (Included one flat sheet)
- Fitted sheet
- European Pillow Shams (3)

With the Wedding Package, you will also be able to choose one of the award-winning goose down duvets by selecting cool, medium, warm or very warm. Along with that, you will also be able to customize the styling of your bedding with the choice of 7 different styling options. This package is perfect for creating that heavenly bed you always dreamed of.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort

When you choose Crown Goose bedding, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for quality. Crown Goose appreciates your high standards and pristine design eye. The thought and care that you put into your new home should be meet with the same standards from the products you select for your ideal home. With Crown Goose down products, you are sure to turn your house into a home. Now, you no longer have to sacrifice value for quality either! While the package deals alone are a great way to save money, Crown Goose is offering a discount code for new customers. All you need to do is use the code 2018FIRSTORDER at checkout and receive 10% your entire order. There has never been a better time than now to build that perfect oasis of a bed. So, get out there and tackle the rest of your to-do list because now you have the perfect place to recharge at the end of the day.

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