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Nemergent Solutions pushing Mission Critical Services towards 5G

Remarkable involvement of 3GPP-compliant Nemergent products in flagship R&D projects.

BILBAO, SPAIN, October 18, 2018 / --

While the expectation regarding the evolution and development of next generation Mission Critical Services (MCS) continues growing, the first 5G-ready components are about to come to the market as well. These components range from new 5G core networks, going through gNBs to 5G User Equipments (UEs). Until the final release of components arrives, most vendors evaluate and enhance their pre-commercial prototypes in R&D projects in order to troubleshoot and check their capabilities in different vertical sectors. In the same way, different vertical service providers test and carry out their services over 5G prototypes so as to adapt them to 5G products.

In this context, Nemergent Solutions, the recognized MCS experts, are deeply involved in different international R&D projects oriented to Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). At the end of October of 2018, two R&D projects are about to end with successful and promising outcomes. Considering the importance of service-level performance in MCS technology, from the OC2 in Fed4FIRE+ (H2020) Nemergent Solutions brings the first feasibility analysis and service-level Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis in 4G and 5G-alike network conditions in a controlled environment. Taking into account the increasing presence of IoT devices for monitoring and protection (i.e. the so called Internet of Life Saving Things), from OC1 in INTER-IoT (H2020) Nemergent’s OAM and dispatch solution is integrated with IoT solutions in the Port of Valencia, enabling the management of IoT-assisted Public Safety scenarios.

Nemergent Solutions is also involved in US NIST/PSCR Public Safety Innovation Acceleration Program (PSIAP) working on the integration of required components to achieve end-to-end MC communications according to 3GPP specifications together with Sonim and their FirstNet Ready™ XP8 ruggedized devices, one of the most advanced 3GPP-compliant UE.
In the recently launched 5GENESIS European 5G project Nemergent Solutions will bring the first real-world mission critical integration and use-cases over 5G technology with a clear focus on the services provided to first responders in the field.

Eneko Atxutegi, Nemergent Solutions R&D Manager, stressed, “The two main branches in R&D are clear and are equally important for Nemergent. On the one hand, we achieve adaptation of our products to 5G technology and procedures. On the other hand, we analyze standardized KPIs and evaluate the involvement of delays in every component in the end-to-end chain so as to improve them when required,”.

The R&D background shows the clear advocacy of the firm to improve and adapt MCS communications and the importance of future first responders, public protection and application of MC communications in verticals such as railways, ports, fleets management, airports and mining among others.

“Nemergent is proud to be part of these R&D projects where it can evolve and adapt the current products to achieve best-of-breed 5G-ready MCS solutions and lead the transformation of MC communications towards virtualized agile environments,” said Jose Oscar Fajardo, Nemergent Solutions CEO.

About Nemergent:
Nemergent Solutions SL has significant expertise in designing and deploying novel Public Safety solutions over mobile broadband technologies, with an agile development team with vast experience in broadband technologies. Nemergent’s portfolio includes a complete and fully standard MCS ecosystem. The server-side components are designed as NFV components, fostering agile and flexible deployments. The innovation-driven nature of the company promotes the establishment of research links with different UE, IMS and telco equipment leading companies.

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