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CureMetrix Partners with DocPanel to Provide AI-Aided Mammogram Second Opinions

AI-Based Software For Mammography Studies now used for Second Opinions

We expect to see improved clinical efficacy and efficiency within the breast cancer screening process with CureMetrix cmAssist.”
— Nirish Mathias, CEO of DocPanel
LA JOLLA, CA, USA, October 2, 2018 / -- CureMetrix® and DocPanel® announced a new collaboration to provide artificial intelligence-based computer aided detection (AI-CAD) software for mammography at DocPanel, an online community of expert subspecialty radiologists providing second opinions for patients in the US and around the world.

Patients and doctors can access these expert breast radiologists using AI-CAD technology to get a more accurate diagnosis for a fraction of the price of a plane ticket. With DocPanel and CureMetrix, patients in the US and around the globe no longer need to travel to get access to the best specialists. Using DocPanel’s online platform, patients can get an AI-CAD aided second opinion from an expert breast radiologist who’s trained at one of the top universities in the country.

CureMetrix cmAssist® is an investigational AI-CAD designed to help the radiologist identify suspicious regions of interest on a mammogram for earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer. The CureMetrix algorithm has been proven to find suspicious lesions six years before they became biopsy confirmed cancers. In addition to maintaining a high sensitivity, cmAssist has far less false positives than traditional CADs on the market today giving it the reputation of being a CAD that Works™.

“We set out with the goal of developing a software that both doctors and patients could confidently rely on. Although still for investigational use only, CureMetrix’s collaboration with DocPanel demonstrates how access to CAD that works for patients. Together, we will be prospectively studying the impact on doctors, patients, and their overall clinical operations. Our AI-driven technology will evaluate the mammograms and provide the radiologist with information not previously available to help them with their review of the exam,” says Kevin Harris, CEO of CureMetrix.

DocPanel was founded to improve access to otherwise hard to reach expert radiologists in subspecialty niches for patients and imaging providers alike to ensure there is always access to a specialist for every case. The company has over 300 board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists across 41 states covering every modality and specialty in radiology. DocPanel’s presence spans globally where approximately 30 percent of their second opinion cases are uploaded by international patients.

“We built DocPanel to ensure that patients can achieve the best care. Implementing cmAssist allows us to provide more value to the patient, and help them get an accurate second opinion,” says Nirish Mathias, CEO of DocPanel. “We expect to see improved clinical efficacy and efficiency within the breast cancer screening process with CureMetrix cmAssist. Utilizing a tool with this level of performance across densities, lesion types and sizes is what our patients deserve.”

For more information on how to gain access to top-tier radiologists using AI software contact CureMetrix at or DocPanel at

About CureMetrix
CureMetrix was founded in 2014 on the belief that better medical image analysis technology could lead to better outcomes for breast cancer patients. The company is developing investigational, physics-based artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions to help radiologists achieve more accurate readings of breast images. Through its research partnerships with leading hospital radiology departments, CureMetrix has evaluated more than 500,000 mammogram images to identify potential false negatives, which are undiagnosed cancers, and false positives, which are unnecessary recalls of patients to review anomalies that turn out to be normal. False negatives can occur at a rate of about one in five breast cancers.1 False positives affect 7-12 percent of all women after an initial mammogram.2 Reducing false positives could save a significant portion of the $4 billion per year spent on unneeded and sometimes invasive procedures such as biopsies.3 More importantly, reducing false negatives could save lives as well as reduce the cost and difficulty of cancer treatment through early detection.

Our goal is to create CAD that Works®. Improving computer-aided detection through a robust physics-based algorithm for detecting cancer empowers radiologists, supports their patients and reduces costs while improving clinical outcomes. To learn more about CureMetrix, visit


About DocPanel
DocPanel is the world’s first subspecialty radiologist marketplace bringing together the largest network of fellowship trained radiologists across every major subspecialty into one single online platform. DocPanel’s subspecialty radiologists offer final reads and educational consultations to imaging centers and radiology groups, and second opinions to clients and patients across the United States and the world. The company offers a new flexible model of subspecialty radiology to help overcome challenges related to errors, high costs, staff shortages and more.

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