Community Arts Leader and Cleveland Arts Prize winner, Nina Gibans, Celebrates the Soul of Cleveland in New Book

New book describes sustaining life in one's city.

This is a how-to manual, teaching us to love our city, through vision, poetry, and simply paying attention.”
— Dan Moulthrop, Chief Executive Officer of The City Club of Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, October 4, 2018 / -- Community Arts Leader, and Cleveland Arts Prize winner, Nina Gibans loves our collective “aha” moments, when we “get it” and roll along – excited – together. Using images, stories, poems, interviews, reflections, and reminiscences Nina has woven together a new gestalt, a whole that is often present long before the pieces are put into place. A lifetime of experiences, encounters, discussions, are the parts of this, a multi-tasking of the mind, combined until they find the parts make sense and there is a city – a community.

Celebrating the Soul of Cleveland summarizes a life in Cleveland, a city whose very identity provides sustenance and support to all who welcome it into their heart. The project started with a simple discussion. The premise of this book and for the projects described in it is: Evolution.

The book is unique as it is the only place where one can find the history of this region's early art support and of some smaller organizations as well as the building blocks for today's vitality.

“Here is to all of the men, women, and children who have stuck with me through my life of joyous adventures and to the support of a loving caring husband and friendly critic whose bloodstream ran in the same direction as mine.” – Nina Gibans

"With her latest project, Celebrating the Soul of Cleveland, Nina once again adds to the creative conversation. We are delighted—and grateful—that she is sharing her vision for our city through poetry, storytelling, and wonderfully chosen works of art." - William M. Griswold, Director and President, The Cleveland Museum of Art

"Nina Gibans give us her take on what makes Cleveland unique through her own journey through Cleveland past and present. And by connecting the dots and tracing the trajectory, we get a sense of where it is going and what it could be. This is a portrait of Cleveland as only Nina, its most dedicated chronicler, could paint it." - Grafton Nunes, President & CEO, The Cleveland Institute of Art

A book signing will be held at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Sunday November 18, 2018 from Noon to 4pm in the Private Dining Room. There will also be showings of several of Nina's films.

ATBOSH Media Ltd. in Cleveland, Ohio is more than just Nina's publisher. As an Agency Press they also serve as her literary agent for both this book and its derivative works - including the television and film rights.

"We are a different type of publisher," says Jared Bendis. "Instead of shopping around Nina's book to larger publishers we instead published the book and will now be shopping it around to larger houses."

Larger publishing houses interested in publishing or distributing the work or production companies interested in optioning the work should contact Jared Bendis directly at or call 216-288-6349.

ATBOSH Media Ltd. has also recently published "Rosepetals: towards memory" a collection of poems Nina wrote in honor of Jim Gibans, her husband of more than 60 years who died May 10th 2018.


Nina Freedlander Gibans was born July 30, 1932, in Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Wellesley College, 1950-52, and earned a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in 1954. Her M.A. was earned from Western Reserve University in 1966. Nina Freedlander Gibans’ life has been spent as an arts advocate, administrator, author and teacher as well as a community volunteer. Professional and volunteer life become integrated as these activities have focused on the Poet’s and Writer’s League of Greater Cleveland, Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland, the Cleveland Artists Foundation the Ohio Citizens for the Arts, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, Shaker Heights Public Library and as staff at the Cleveland Area Arts Council, Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Children’s Museum. Nationally, she has served on the predecessor board of the Americans for the Arts. Poetry has been her art form since childhood.

Nina is available for speaking engagements & book signings.

Celebrating the Soul of Cleveland by Nina Freedlander Gibans
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