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Dr. Grady Batchelor to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2018 / -- Leaders are a pivotal part of every organization from schools, companies, churches, and firms. Although some exemplify proficient skills, others lack the qualities to inspire others to greatness. No matter what these leaders exemplify, it’s essential they too are guided to hone their skills and keep the momentum going. What if there was a gifted individual making certain these leaders stay at the top of their game?

Dr. Grady is a highly regarded top-notch Coach and founder of the award-winning consulting and coaching practice Grady Batchelor and Associates and co-author of “Group Coaching and Mentoring: A Framework for Fostering Organizational Change” and author of the forthcoming “Leading with Coaching and Mentoring: Inspiring Engagement and Excellence in the Workplace.”

“Coaches, consultants, and other experts hire me to help them design, manage and grow highly profitable businesses,” says Grady. “I skillfully and assertively assist my clients to build businesses that precisely fit around their lifestyle. I resolutely believe in coaching and mentoring we can literally and unequivocally transform the world.”

With Dr. Grady’s masterful three different approaches in an easy step-by-step blueprint, he helps others to become profitable coaches. Dr. Grady refers to it as the “Big Money Coach” system, where he and his collaborator Malcolm Reid Sr. provide a coaching program to gets people certified on how to aptly and expertly conduct business.

“Most coaching programs train people effectively to become well-versed coaches, but they lack the knowledge on how to create a profitable business,” says Dr. Grady. “We also offer a proven coaching business platform called “Life Coach Office,” which allows coaches to build a business around their lifestyle so they can have the businesses they can adeptly manage anywhere in the world. Our coaching is tailored to the client’s individual needs helping them achieve their desired outcome.”

Dr. Grady affirms if you have a product that will positively transform lives then you have a moral and ethical obligation to make your offer to the world.

“Our approach to coaching and consulting has been based on my diligent research, “says Dr. Grady. “It was not until I started investing in myself that I was able to develop my skills to the next level and in turn, my clients now mentor others and offer their own coaching services.”

With his books, Dr. Grady magnificently captures the transformational changes that his organization brings about as well as show the return-on-investment created by group coaching and mentoring. Rather than doing one-on-one coaching the focus is on how to leverage a handful of mentor coaches across a much larger organization and bring about change by using a Group Coaching and Mentoring (GCM) Framework.

“The basis of the first book is the application of a GCM Framework hedged in the theories of metacognition, self-regulated learning, and communities of practice to genuinely inspire change and leverage the change momentum of a group within an organization,” says Dr. Grady.

Applying simple masterful techniques, Dr. Grady has been able to propel change rapidly with amazing results.

“My message is to truly acknowledge, validate, and respect one another because each individual in the world is wholeheartedly eager to be noticed and the difference that can make would be monumentally transformational.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Grady Batchelor in an interview Tuesday September 18th at 11 a.m.

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