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Andrea Hodge of The Leader In You Discovered

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2018 / -- Whether it’s a corporate team or an army platoon, everything rises and falls on leadership.
But in the military, there's a command culture: you must do what your superior officer tells you to do. In a corporate culture, however, the do-as-I-say model doesn’t work anymore. People have choices, and those choices can impact your organization.

Andrea Hodge is the founder of The Leader In You Discovered, where she offers clients seminars, keynote speeches and coaching services both personal and professional growth.

“You can call yourself a leader, but if you're walking and there's no one walking behind you, then you're just going for a walk,” says Andrea.

A U.S. Army Veteran, Andrea learned about leadership, and the value of moving an organization from one place to another strictly based on her ability to lead them.

“In the role of platoon sergeant in the military, I quickly learned that there is a major difference between management and leadership,” says Andrea. “While I was adept at marching the troops because they were required to follow my direction, getting them to follow my lead outside of the formation was another story. They had to trust my leadership, and know that I respected them, so that their willingness to follow me was without hesitation”

Andrea says she has always been passionate about helping people look inside of their hearts to find their own answers, but she had no clear direction on how to effectively apply her passion outside of the army. Through the study and practical application of John Maxwell's proven leadership methods, Andrea developed the skills and techniques necessary to effectively teach leadership, and coach her clients with clarity, courage and conviction.

“The military for me was a big deal. It gave me focus and direction. It took me from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, and taught me that there was something larger than my community,” says Andrea. “I read so many of Mr. Maxwell's books addressing leadership, personal development, being a person of influence, coaching and mentoring and effective communication; it became obvious that the answer was no further away than my laptop.

“When I joined the John Maxwell Team, my life and mindset changed. After attending the training, studying the leadership principles, and ultimately becoming certified to teach those principles, I became equipped with the tools to help people change their lives.”

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Andrea helps her clients focus on embracing and not managing their employees, and ultimately coaching them instead of dictating to them.

“Leadership is not about how you feel about things, it's about how your employees respond to you,” says Andrea.
“Remember our goal is the same: we want to be successful. we want to do something in our life that means something,”

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