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Rene Murata of CEOEssence Continues Her Sixteen-Part Radio Series Throughout September on CUTV News Radio

SPRING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2018 / -- Rene Murata is a woman who defines the term intrepid. From a young age, she demonstrated a unique curiosity that required constant learning, reading and exploring. Fortunately, she had a father and several teachers to nurture that. Eventually these instincts led Rene to enter the field of engineering, which she notes, is about always looking into new routes and better methods.

Renee’s career in the engineering industry, and later business ventures, have been about taking risks. She was employed by a (now) competitor and offered a position with a huge and very high-profile company but elected to stay where she was. Another risky move was leaving that competitor to launch her own company, PSM Risk, which is a consultancy that focuses on risk management and process integrity for firms in the engineering sector. Rene believes going head-to-head with a known entity, in a field where no-one really gets to know who you are, was one of her boldest strides. People really had to trust that she could talk-the-talk.

Rene’s move paid off and she went on to take more risks and form more companies that include CEOEssence. This business offers a set of management training tools and techniques that help people, especially women, ascend the corporate ladder. Concentrating on women was essential, since the number of top seats available to women is so limited it tends to create a competitiveness that is anything but healthy. Proving oneself on a daily basis can create a snide, Mean Girls vibe--where women tear each other apart to look better and demonstrate their own capacity.

Rene helps women move ahead and stand out in good ways. Her CEOEssence coaching can be done one-to-one in person or long distance, and even through online videos. One of the learning modules is on Decision Making. Women sometimes waffle, because they fear if they speak up there might be consequences, including having their ideas appropriated by a male coworker. They often lack self-assurance. Besides leaning to use and trust visceral instincts, Rene guides clients to apply hard data in decisioning, tap into past experiences, and build up their confidence.

Rene believes business can be transformed into a less competitive and more nurturing environment if you choose to. Introduce the concept of equilateral power to the workplace. Create a team culture where people work with you, not for you. Make the office a safe space for speaking up and communicating new ideas. She also says to welcome input and knowledge from all types and levels of staff.

Rene certainly has valuable ideas to share, and she also has incredible positivity and determination. If you ask her about the one thing she always has with her, she’ll say my mobile phone because it’s a lifeline. Then she’ll say, no, wait-- it’s my attitude!

CUTV News will feature Rene Murata of PSM Risk and CEOEssence in interviews with Doug Llewelyn on Friday September 7th at 12:00pm EDT, Friday September 14th at 12:00pm EDT, and Friday September 21st at 12:00pm EDT.

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