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SuperD!ville introduces Social and Emotional Learning curriculum testing in schools nationally

SuperD!ville programming, and Super d! Show, promotes the development of strong self-esteem, strengths and weaknesses for elementary students.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2018 / -- With a passion for education for all, Peggy Stern, an Academy Award-winning director/producer, created an extraordinary short-form narrative series, Super d! Show, which features real kids with learning differences, such as dyslexia and ADHD, sharing real-life strategies for home and school. Super D!ville began with the goal of developing programming to create positive role models and improve self-esteem for the 1 in 5 students with learning differences, (LD). In fact, the show is so unique educators, parents, and elementary students have embraced it as helping all students with their social and emotional learning. Educators across the country are already testing the series in schools and videos will be available on the web.

SuperD!ville’s programming is designed specifically for elementary schools with companion activities and discussion guidelines to enable teachers to help all kids in their class understand how they can learn best. The Super d! Show cast consists of LD kids demonstrating how to cope with feelings of anxiety, inferiority, and avoidance, all critical areas in childhood development and growth.

In the words of Peggy Stern, SuperD!ville’s founder, CEO and dyslexic “I have used all my abilities as a filmmaker to make a series kids want to watch. It is authentic, relatable, and uses lots of humor! SuperD!ville is also an activist project. A decade ago, I won an Academy Award, and doors opened for me. During this time, I made a conscious decision to combine my filmmaking with my calling to do something to change how people understand learning differences (LD), sometimes called learning disabilities, which can include attention issues, reading issues, writing, and organizational issues. Neurodiversity has become an umbrella term which also refers to LD.”

With all the edutainment options available today, SuperD!ville is taking the lead in educational change. Brain research shows people learn differently. Accepting the concept of neurodiversity is the next step towards fixing our often-ineffective school system. If you help kids with LD when they are young, they are not thwarted by the unfortunate stigma surrounding the LD label. Besides, helping kids when they are young, also helps them succeed in life much less wounded by feeling stupid or insecure; and go on to do things as adults, which will further change the stigma.

“We know much more about the brain now than we did when I was a child diagnosed with dyslexia,” said Stern, “however, in this arena the school system is changing at a snail's pace. I looked around a decade ago and tried to do something not being done. As a starting point, I wanted to help elementary age kids who learn differently, before they started feeling bad about themselves in school and make sure they didn't grow up with low self-esteem.”

As Stern’s research continued, she learned about amazing groups, such as Decoding Dyslexia, working throughout the country to challenge the special education laws in each state. Eye-to-Eye offers one-on-one mentoring in schools nationwide. Boon Philanthropy is working on fundraising to get teachers trained in multi-sensory teaching so all kids, no matter how their brains are wired, can learn to read.

As Stern explains, “I started with the idea of helping the millions of kids with dyslexia because I am dyslexic – hence the‘d!’ However, as my understanding of neurodiversity grew so did my mission. Educators and parents who view Super d! Show episodes feel our series helps all kids. So now, we think of the d! as standing for different kinds of learners, not just dyslexic. What began as a personal mission to make sure no dyslexic child grows up feeling stupid has grown into a project to build social and emotional learning skills in all elementary age students.”

Peggy Stern Bio
Peggy Stern, SuperD!ville founder and CEO, is an Academy Award-winning film Producer/Director with more than 30 years’ experience. Her dyslexia led her to filmmaking and animation at a young age, and in March 2006, Stern won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Stern has produced for PBS, HBO, and Teachers College at Columbia University, The National PTA, and National YWCA among others. She received her BA from Harvard University and her senior thesis film STEPHANIE became a PBS documentary Special and broadcast nationally.

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