CEE Real Estate Group providing opportunity in CEE growing market

Lab - nice village nearby Bratislava where investors wanted

Central & Eastern Europe experiencing investment boom for past years and still blossoming.

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, August 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In words of investments, Central & Eastern Europe has experienced the growth in investments to the real estate, mainly in new commercial facilities. Those were popping up across Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary...

Last year, in 2017 the transactions connected with investing into the commercial real estate market broke the record, with Poland being the leader.

In CEE Real Estate Group, focus on commercial real estate is one of the areas where the group is operating. With intention to provide investors with high-quality and peerless ROI, the company is operating on the market of Central & Eastern European market with intention to provide valuable investments for investors worldwide.

Although the company's interest and innovative way of searching for investors worldwide, the company is recently becoming interesting for investors from Middle East, Asia and North America - which are according to analytics also the investors who are having the largest share in terms of market activity. So far, the company managed to provide its investors with 30% ROI approximately for more than 15 buy-fix-sell projects.

CEE Real Estate Group's experienced research team and network of architects, construction companies and real estate agents can offer any investor all sizes of buy-fix-sell projects in the CEE region.

The company target to get a minimum of 25% ROI per buy-fix-sell project, working on a no cure - no pay basses, what means they only get a performance fee based on results.

CEE real estate group is the first real estate asset management company which offers buy-fix-sell projects to be order fully online for any investor anywhere in the world, no physical appearance needed what makes them innovative and approachable for anyone.

Follow the 3 easy steps online in member area, Step 1: fill in your details, Step 2: down & upload documents, Step 3: payment details and track your investment.

"Our research team will then start looking for a tailor-made Buy-Fix-Sell project based on your budget, as our legal team will set up a segregated secure account in your name by the state notary office or bank in Bratislava." described the representative of the company.

The state notary or bank will hold your funds to buy the property, provide for the renovation and for any other cost involved with the buy-fix-sell project.

The state notary will provide the title deed on your own name and they or the bank collect the funds to your segregated secure account after the buy-fix-sell project is completed and sold with a profit.

Ondrej Cirbus
CEE Real Estate Group
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