Cuomo’s Justice Center Scam

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Denise Miranda must be stopped, they are involved in covering-up thousands of sexual assaults, rapes and deaths of people with disabilities

Cuomo’s Justice Center fails to protect people with special needs; Executive Director Denise Miranda goes public releasing false information

The writing is on the wall, Cuomo’s Justice Center is a scam.”
— Michael Carey - Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate
ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2018 / -- The Jonathan Carey Foundation has done extensive research on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State agency that was renamed and relocated following the New York Times “Abused and Used” investigative reporting series. The facts are overwhelmingly clear; this agency was set up to cover-up and to deceive families of the disabled and the media. The so called Justice Center is certainly not a Justice Center, but the exact opposite.

NY Times Investigative Reporting Series and runner up for a Pulitzer Prize - Abused and Used

Denise Miranda, the current Executive Director claims transparency, yet the Justice Center regularly violates Freedom of Information Law to hide what is going on behind their closed doors. The criminal cover-ups of most reported sexual assaults, rapes and negligent deaths are in the thousands annually.

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli attempted to audit the operations of the fraudulent Justice Center, specifically to determine what reported cases of abuse against the disabled was reported to 911, local police and county elected district attorney’s or not. The result of this audit was simple; the Justice Center obstructed the Comptroller’s audit and withheld this information from them. The Justice Center is not transparent, they are corrupt.

Denise Miranda is an attorney and she knows that keeping crimes and deaths from local police and criminal investigations is obstruction of justice. Miss Miranda knows that the agreement her agency has with provider agencies to conceal documents and evidence to protect them is a criminal conspiracy. Miss Miranda also knows that not reporting substantiated cases of abuse occurring in staggering scope in numerous facilities protected and shielded by her agency is to defraud the federal government of massive amounts of money. Miss Miranda was warned long ago by well known and highly respected civil rights and disability rights advocate, Michael Carey, to cease and desist from these illegal activities that are without question State and federal crimes. Miss Miranda chose to ignore the laws, ignore the New York State and US Constitutions and Mr. Carey to continue to primarily endanger thousands of innocent and extremely vulnerable people with disabilities. Miss Miranda must be indicted for the crimes that she is committing.

Denise Miranda has recently come out publicly attempting to spin what this failed agency is doing by releasing falsified numbers. The Justice Center investigates approximately 2% of reported cases and allows provider agencies in most cases to investigate themselves, even regarding rapes and deaths. It is unconscionable what both Governor Andrew Cuomo and Denise Miranda are attempting to get away with; these crimes are likened to war crime atrocities that number now in the tens of thousands.

Here are the real numbers; approximately 7,800 calls are reported to Cuomo’s abuse hotline for the disabled every month. Most of these complaints are criminal complaints primarily reported by mandated reporters and witnesses and almost everything is kept from the local police and covered-up internally. This is massive, try to fathom and wrap your mind around the astronomical scope of deaths, 11-13 deaths are reported on average every day, well over 20,000 in the last five years alone and only three arrests. The writing is on the wall, Cuomo’s Justice Center is a scam.

The Justice Center, similar to the Catholic Church, has and continues to protect countess sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists. Almost all of these individuals remain employed and able to rape women and children with disabilities anytime they wish. Little to no oversight, no surveillance cameras, no employment background checks and allowing one staff on night shifts in many cases is a recipe for disaster. Then instead of requiring staff to call 911 so the local police and paramedic’s cam immediately respond, Cuomo has directed everyone to report to his bogus and corrupt agency. This is how Cuomo and Miranda work together to cover-up almost every sexual assault crime and criminally negligent death as well as physical assault crimes committed against people with disabilities within Cuomo’s mental health care system.

There cannot be any greater level of gross negligence and detriment to our society than to protect individuals that sexually prey on our most vulnerable, as well as to protect those that prey on women and children. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Denise Miranda have shown a blatant disregard for our laws and have chosen to protect sexual deviants and criminals. The result is that these individuals walk our streets and work with the disabled and can easily rape and violate vulnerable individuals practically anytime they wish.

The New York Times Editorial Board called for critical reforms over four and a half years ago, but Governor Cuomo has ignored them and other respected civil rights and disability rights advocates. I must stress again, keeping reported sexual assaults from being reported to 911 has kept the police out of the picture for Gov. Cuomo and his fraudulent Justice Center to literally cover-up almost all sexual assaults and rapes of children and women with disabilities.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s system is called “a predators dream” by one caught and jailed sexual predator and pedophile that was thankfully ensnared in a federal child porn sting. Stephen DeProspero was a state employee that worked within Cuomo’s State agency that was sexually assaulting the young disabled boy where he worked for an extended period of time. This story will sicken you, but you must read it. Make no mistake about it, this sexual predator and pedophile would still be sexually assaulting children today, if it were not for the feds. Gov. Cuomo's mental health agencies are rampant with sexual abuse as documented in State records obtained through FOIL and are the perfect place for sexual predators and pedophiles. Criminals that prey on our most vulnerable, within Cuomo's agencies, know that they will be protected and shielded from criminal prosecution and that their victims in most cases cannot speak and tell anyone that they are being raped.

"The lack of supervision there made it easy to do what I did," DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit obtained by The Associated Press. "I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream."

Currently, astronomical numbers of children are victims of rape and sexual assaults within Cuomo’s mental health agencies every year and Denise Miranda makes sure that most are never criminally investigated or prosecuted. Only a tiny percentage of what is really going on behind closed doors is ever reported according to a very reputable report and study called “Prevalence of Violence” which claims approximately 3% of sexual assaults against the developmentally disabled will ever be reported.

It is time for federal criminal investigations of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Denise Miranda and all others involved in such a scandalous and criminal enterprise under the guise of what is being called the Justice Center. Protecting sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists and those that harm or take the life of a person with disabilities is lawlessness and will ultimately be part of destroying our great State if not stopped.

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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers