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What to consider when replacing the deck?

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, July 24, 2018 / -- If you have an older home in a mature neighbourhood, you might have an older wood deck in the backyard that needs to be repaired or replaced. A new deck will be more visual appealing, add value to the home and ensure that the outdoor living space is secure and safe to use. If you want to remove your old deck and build a new one, or revitalize your old deck, there are a few things to consider:
Hiring a professional deck contractor.
Decks are a project that avid DIYers could tackle on their own but enlisting the expertise of professional deck builders have many benefits. For one, they can assess the condition of your old deck and let you know if you can repair areas, build on it or if it will have to be torn down and replaced entirely. They can also inspect the pilings, make sure the frame is secure and that things are to code. There’s no use building an identical deck on crumbling pilings using a design that is not compliant to building code.
A deck contractor can also create a deck design that suits your requirements for function, aesthetics and that blends perfectly with your home and existing landscape. Hiring a deck builder will ensure the project is completed correctly and efficiently.
Getting a building permit.
Decks are probably the most common DIY projects that are built improperly or not to code. Don’t fail to obtain the proper building permit for your construction project. Check the code to ensure that your current and/or new deck meets all the height and structural requirements for the pilings, framing, joists, posts, railing, stairs and other aspects of the deck.
Do you want to use the same space for the new deck?
Besides the fact that it might be in disrepair, have you been happy with the size and location of your existing deck? Did you always wish you had room for both a dining table and separate seating area? Is there enough room to do everything you want and safely move around? If you need more space, include it in your design for the new deck or deck expansion.
What new features do you want to add to your new deck?
There are a lot of options and features you can add to your new deck design. You can incorporate a built-in kitchen, planters for flowers and plants, privacy walls, pergola, built in benches and other convenient features. A deck contractor has deemed your existing deck safe, you can consider adding some of these features to the deck you already have, modernizing it to a more functional outdoor living space. is a free online directory of pre-screened, certified and trustworthy companies in the home service industry, including deck builders . It is not a review site. All companies listed on RenovationFind have passed background checks and are continually monitored to ensure they’re meeting standards. They are all screened to ensure they have legal, credit, they have a legitimate business license, insurance, and customer complaints are reviewed. Those companies who are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receive a higher rating.

“We’ve all heard stories of people being ripped off by bad contractors,” said Riley. “If you are looking for a contractor, you should go beyond online reviews and check their references, ask to see proof of insurance, a valid business license and examples of their work. Being thorough in your research and asking to see these things is your right as a consumer.”

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