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The security token blockchain has a new name.

Own logo

One of the most ambitious equity market projects in recent times is leveraging their upward trajectory to launch a brand new name. Goodbye Chainium, hello Own.

Own represents the future. The Own security token blockchain will deliver global opportunities for businesses and investors and change the way we raise capital.”
— Sascha Ragtschaa CEO of Own Group

VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN, July 25, 2018 / -- Introducing Own

We’re delighted to announce that Chainium is changing the name of our business to Own. This is an exciting development for our business and marks our transition from a startup into a fully-fledged global business.

We’re building a global brand for a global market
Our rationale for changing our name is entirely focused on our customers. We’re targeting global businesses, investors and developers.

We want businesses, all over the world, to launch shares on our platform – businesses of all shapes, sizes, sectors and experience levels. These businesses could be the largest public companies in the world or they could be a startup. All businesses need to feel confident that they’re working with a global business, they can trust, with expertise in shares.

We want investors, all over the world, to trade shares on our platform – investors of all experience levels, interests, ages and income levels. These investors could be investment-savvy sophisticated investors or they could be first timers. All investors need to trust us with their investments and their personal information.

And we want developers, all over the world, to build solutions on our blockchain. These developers need to feel inspired and excited to create equity solutions on our global blockchain.

With this in mind, we feel that Chainium is too limiting a name for our business. It’s too blockchain-centric. It’s too same-same. It’s too small a name for our global ambitions.

Welcome to Own
Our new name is Own. It’s big, bold and ambitious. It’s sets out our clear goal for global market growth.

Own works for businesses – businesses are about ownership and they need to take ownership of their investors and investor engagement.
Own works for investors – investors own their shares and, by buying shares, they own a part of the business they have invested in.
Own works for developers – developers own the solutions they will build on our blockchain.

Own enables us to be playful in our marketing communications. Check out our new website domain or consider campaigns with messages like ‘Own shares in businesses you really believe in’ or ‘We own shares’. Instead of buying/selling/trading shares, why not ‘Own it’. We’re going to have a lot of fun with this!

Here’s what's changing…
As a result of our re-naming, the following things will change as of 2pm UTC Wednesday the 25th of July.
• Our website will move to
• Our logo will change
• Our communications will be updated to show the new name
• Our social media channels will be rebranded…

Here’s what’s staying the same…
Yet some things will remain the same as ever:
• CHX will remain our token symbol in the short term
• Our business model, plan and target markets remain the same as ever
• Our brand colours will stay the same
• Our team are still the same!

Own – the new equity market
Own is completely reinventing the global equity market and we’re building the Own security token blockchain. The whole world is out there, and we want to help you Own a share of it.

Davin Broadbent
Proven Marketing Ltd
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Introducing Own