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Aurora Wong's Take on Chinese and Western Combined Crypto Capital Investment Theory

Crypto Capital's Founding Partner

BitForex (NASDAQ:BF)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2018 / -- In July 2018, we met the guest — Ms. Aurora Wong, founding partner of Crypto Capital at a gallery in Beijing. It's hard to imagine that the lady who came to me with long black curly hair and a smile was an investor who was known for her resoluteness and discernment in the field of Blockchain.

Interviewer: Hello Aurora! I am very glad to invite you to this interview today. I know you have many years of overseas study and career experience, does this affect your personal investment?

Aurora: Yes, I spent several years abroad. During my undergraduate studies in Europe, I took part in the ERASMUS exchange program and went to the University of California. My first job was with the Boston Consulting Group and was also shuttled across Europe offering strategic consulting services for Fortune 500 companies. Later, I went to Columbia University to pursue the Graduate degree in International Finance, and then dedicated my work to private equity investment. I also enjoyed being a consultant for the World Bank for a couple of years. These past overseas study and career experiences have had a profound influence on me. First, my horizons and mind have been broadened, and the way of thinking has been diversified. Secondly, my mindset became more open. These experiences have far-reaching implications for my investments, which is a process of experience accumulation and resource integration.

Interviewer: According to the return rate of many projects you have invested in the blockchain industry in recent years, the data is very impressive. Many people in the area call you “investment talent”. What do you think is the secret to your successful investment?

Aurora: It may not be said to be a secret. I personally think it is a concept. First of all, I have a "classical" investor's thinking, so I also bring this thinking into the investment in Blockchain. Selecting quality projects from the basis and managing the post-investment carefully, playing the synergy between projects and helping the really good projects grow rapidly are things that I have always insisted on.

Interviewer: I noticed that you have recently spoken on behalf of BitForex. What kind of opportunity made you become a partner of BitForex? Because I also noticed that this might be your first time as a partner of an exchange.

Aurora: This is indeed a coincidence. I actually have such a feeling, because I grew up in China, but my overseas studies and career experiences have also made me have a kind of tenderness for overseas. So, I really hope to build a bridge which can make the quality Chinese projects “go out” and quality foreign projects “come in”. Also following this concept, Crypto Capital has always helped the quality investment projects to open up to the western world. As an important part of the Blockchain industry, the exchange is naturally in the ecological layout of the encryption capital. But honestly, many exchanges contacted me at that time. Why did I choose BitForex? Because it can be a perfect bridge between eastern and western projects and users. The headquarter of BitForex is in Singapore and the register address is in the Republic of Seychelles. It is a standard native overseas digital asset trading platform. The advantages of the overseas exchange lie in the fact that it has very rich quality project resources and an overseas user base. It is composed by an international team which has excellent technology, heavy products and clear strategy. This offers BitForex a quality base. So, I chose to invest in BitForex at that time without hesitation. And then I helped and accompanied the exchange to grow as a partner. The recent good results it has made can show that my choice is very sensible.

Interviewer: Anecdotal rumors mentioned that you have handled several large-scale mergers and acquisitions, which not only brought a high return on investment, but also laid out the ecology in advance. The investment activities of BitForex are very frequent in recent days, it first made the acquisition of BitStar, then gained strategic investment from many well-known investment institutions. It is said that you also made a strategic investment for BitForex, can you tell us that for what reason you made the investment?

Aurora: The strategic investment for BitForex this time is a natural choice. You mentioned the recent acquisition of BitStar just now. First, BitStar is the world’s first exchange that launched ETH and BCH leveraged contracts. It ranked among the global top 10 exchanges in the first three months. The acquisition of this platform forms the steady base for BitForex to enter the field of digital derivatives. During this period, many well-known investment institutions and media are optimistic about the BF Token that will be launched by BitForex. The launch of BF Token is very meaningful for BitForex to form a new type of exchange which is autonomic, transparent and shared, also meaningful to together impel the development to Blockchain 3.0. At the same time, it has high investment value.

After the interview, Aurora rushed to next location to attend the meeting. When she left, she revealed to interviewers that BitForex will offer for subscription of BF Token on July 27. It is believed that in the near future, BitForex will be the most popular exchange in the industry.

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