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New Over-the-Counter Treatment for Bothersome Stretch Marks

SKIN-The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® Article: Striae Cream with Regenetrol Complex™ Demonstrates Efficacy on Stretch Marks: Double-Blind, Controlled Study

Perhaps the use of Regenetrol Complex™ could be enhanced with the addition of lasers or other forms of treatment.”
— Stephanie Moy, BA
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2018 / -- Stretch marks, or striae, are a bothersome cosmetic problem that affect a growing number of people. Pregnant women, bodybuilders, those on hormone replacement therapy or chronic steroid treatment, and those with rapid weight gain are particularly susceptible. Although many different treatments have been tried, up until now there has been no clearly efficacious therapy for stretch marks.

In a new article published in SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine®, Stephanie Moy, BA, and coauthors report the results of a trial investigating the effects of a new striae cream with Regenetrol Complex™ for the treatment of stretch marks. This product appears to work by stimulating the body to increase production of connective tissue, resulting in thicker, healthier skin with more structural support.

In this study, subjects were given two creams, one with Regenetrol Complex™ and the other a placebo, and told to apply each to the stretch marks on one half of their body for two months. The investigators were blinded as to which side of the body was treated with placebo and which received Regenetrol Complex™. After just four weeks, 80% of study participants displayed visual benefit from the striae cream and 35% exhibited marked clearing. Additionally, the blinded evaluator was able to correctly identify 95% of the time which side of the body had been treated with the active ingredient.

Given the high prevalence of stretch marks, a proven treatment would represent a major breakthrough. Although the authors acknowledge that larger studies need to be performed, this new product offers significant promise in reducing the cosmetic burden of this condition. Moy and her team also plan to investigate the effect of combining this striae cream with other treatment modalities, stating that “perhaps the use of Regenetrol Complex™ could be enhanced with the addition of lasers or other forms of treatment." Future studies will attempt to delineate the effects such combination therapy, in the hope of uncovering a safe and effective treatment for this common condition.

SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® is a peer-reviewed online medical journal that is the official journal of The National Society for Cutaneous Medicine. The mission of SKIN is to provide an enhanced and accelerated route to disseminate new dermatologic knowledge for all aspects of cutaneous disease.

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(DOI: 10.25251/skin.2.4.1)

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