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Clarion Water Technologies Technologies: Water-Stressed Regions Provide Proving Grounds for Advanced ZLD Systems

Clarion Water Technologies

The steps taken by China and India provide examples for U.S. industrial water users to evaluate the newest methods of high-recovery water treatment

SHANGHAI, PUDONG, CHINA, July 3, 2018 / -- Clarion Water Technologies (ISIN: CN0732587216), an independently owned water and wastewater treatment specialist headquartered in Shanghai that is providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions, reach that extends across China, is pleased to announce that Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) water treatment is already required in some parts of the world, and the experience gained in those areas with new technologies may help power generators in other regions evaluate their options as regulations or resource issues make ZLD increasingly important.
In water-stressed regions, power producers and other industrial water users are incorporating higher levels of water reuse, some to the point of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), due to heightened regulatory pressures and for economic reasons. In China, new power plant and chemical plant project approvals require inclusion of ZLD water treatment technology as a result of directives in the Chinese government’s Plan. In India, based on the successful implementation of ZLD requirements on industrial plants in the southern state, other regions of the country are introducing water reuse and ZLD requirements for power producers and refineries. In both countries, state-led technical agencies have taken on the role of guiding companies toward best available technologies to solve wastewater problems and to develop water reuse and ZLD capabilities.
Mark J. Zhiping, Environmental Research Scientist said: “Clarion Water Technologies’s water treatment design institutes have sought out best-in-class technologies for reducing the energy consumption and cost of wastewater pretreatment, brine concentration, and final crystallization of salts for disposal or resale. They have been early adopters of advanced technologies such as forward osmosis (FO) for high-recovery treatment of waste streams at lower capital cost and energy consumption than traditional, evaporative technologies. In fact, the treatment trains most commonly recommended by the design institutes for adoption in new ZLD projects have used either multi-effect evaporation for the brine concentration step or forward osmosis(FO) for the brine concentration step.”

About Clarion Water Technologies (ISIN: CN0732587216)

Clarion Water Technologies is a water and wastewater treatment specialist. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Clarion Water Technologies is an independently owned water treatment company. The Company’s reach extends across China, providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions. With highly experienced and skilled team of service engineers and chemists, superior technical understanding and quality products – including award-winning technologies, Clarion Water Technologies is committed to innovation and company growth. As a company, Clarion Water Technologies holds a number of professional and trade memberships, while the devoted workforce is committed to furthering their own knowledge, skills and expertise and hold individual accreditations and memberships to recognized trade bodies and organizations.

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