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Clarion Water Technologies Wastewater Treatment Technology Update

Clarion Water Technologies

Clarion Water Technologies says its forward osmosis (FO) system offers some advantages over other more common water treatment options

SHANGHAI, PUDONG, CHINA, July 3, 2018 / -- Clarion Water Technologies (ISIN: CN0732587216), an independently owned water and wastewater treatment specialist headquartered in Shanghai that is providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions, reach that extends across China, is pleased to announce recent advances include forward osmosis, membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment systems, and reverse osmosis membrane improvements. The handling of power plant water and wastewater is becoming increasingly complex. Fortunately, innovative treatment technologies can help.
Water is the lifeblood of a thermal power plant. As such, obtaining clean and pure makeup water and dealing with wastewater has been a requirement since the first steam generating unit went into operation. As rules and regulations change, new technology is often necessary to meet more restrictive guidelines. The desire for energy savings, more reliable treatment methods and solutions to water availability challenges can also lead to innovations.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a widely used technology in the power industry. Developed in the 1950s, the first commercial RO plant began operating in 1965. The process uses a semipermeable membrane to purify water by applying pressure to overcome osmotic pressure, forcing water from a region of high-solute concentration through the membrane to a region of low-solute concentration. A newer membrane technology that may not be as familiar to readers is forward osmosis (FO).
Chen Yihong, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Clarion Water Technologies, explains, “We use membrane technology, but instead of using hydraulic pressure to force water through a membrane, we instead use a high-molarity ‘draw’ solution that pulls freshwater across the membrane rather than pushing it on the surface.”
The key ingredient in the system is the draw solution. Clarion Water Technologies uses ammonium bicarbonate, which is an off-the-shelf product available in bulk. Although ammonium bicarbonate is not completely harmless, it is a relatively safe product that was once used in homes before modern days when baking powder became available.

About Clarion Water Technologies (ISIN: CN0732587216)

Clarion Water Technologies is a water and wastewater treatment specialist. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Clarion Water Technologies is an independently owned water treatment company. The Company’s reach extends across China, providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions. With highly experienced and skilled team of service engineers and chemists, superior technical understanding and quality products – including award-winning technologies, Clarion Water Technologies is committed to innovation and company growth. As a company, Clarion Water Technologies holds a number of professional and trade memberships, while the devoted workforce is committed to furthering their own knowledge, skills and expertise and hold individual accreditations and memberships to recognized trade bodies and organizations.

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