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New Innovative Donation Platform Aims to Change How Political Campaigns Are Funded

GroundUp’s donation platform allows individuals to shift the tide of the national political landscape by donating spare change from cashless purchases

GroundUp takes away the doubt by identifying races with the biggest impact and uses these micro donations collectively to make meaningful contributions to these candidates”
— GroundUp CEO Jeremy Gottlieb
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2018 / -- A growing number of Americans are searching for ways to change the direction of the country after the 2016 elections gave Republicans control of Congress and Donald Trump control of the White House.

Today’s social media feeds are filled with outrage from people who can’t fathom the human rights injustices happening daily in this country. The separation of children from their families as they seek refuge on U.S soil is the latest in a string of actions that continue to erode national patience and attack the foundation of America.

These and other issues are energizing young Americans who want to make a difference and are the fuel behind a new safe, quick, and easy way to make that change possible.

GroundUp is a new digital platform that allows users to donate their spare change from the everyday cashless purchases they make to Democrats in key congressional races throughout the United States. The innovative system automatically rounds up the purchases you make every day on coffee, gas, groceries and more to the nearest dollar and then donates that change to the Democratic candidates that support the issues important to you.

“A lot of people would donate to political campaigns, but are either unsure of who to donate to or believe they can’t donate enough to make a difference. GroundUp takes away that doubt by identifying the races with the biggest impact and uses these microdonations collectively to make meaningful contributions to these candidates,” said GroundUp CEO Jeremy Gottlieb.

GroundUp was developed for millennials by a pair of millennials, Eli Stein and Jeremy Gottlieb, to give people a safe, secure, and easy way to make a difference in the political process and support the issues they care about.

Users can easily cap their donations at a certain dollar amount and even chose the specific democratic candidates they want their change to support.

“People end up with about $1 in spare change every day. If just a fraction of the people who voted for Hillary or Bernie donated that change to Democrats in these swing districts, we would be able to flip a lot of districts blue and protect the issues people really care about,” said Gottlieb.

By concentrating donations on the most contested races in the country, the collective donating power of millions can provide a boost to candidates in the tightest races in swing states throughout the country.

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About Ground Up

GroundUp’s mission is to allow Americans living in all corners of the country to make an equal impact on U.S. elections, not just the wealthiest among us and lobbying groups. By rounding up change from cashless purchases, and using GroundUp to identify swing races where even small contributions can make a big difference, Americans everywhere can elect national leaders to protect the issues they care about.

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