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Debra New to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2018 / -- We live in a world where many people are privileged and surround themselves with tremendous luxury and wealth. But the tragic reality is that there are a tremendous amount of people living in mere poverty and sickness. If there are empathetic people who go out of their way to coach the less fortunate, and miraculously heal the suffering our world would be that much brighter and full of hope and promise.

Debra is an exceptional Ordained Minister, healer and Life coach who works with cancer patients to help heal them through prayer and love.

“My main training came from the spiritual world” says Debra. “Working with terminally ill patients, I provide them peace, comfort, and healing. I also expertly guide individuals with family problems and assist them in their finances and any situation they need aid. It’s not just about the patient I make sure their families are taken care of effectively.”

Besides working so intensely with cancer patients, Debra is particularly passionate about helping kids, non-profit organizations, and the homeless deeply affected by witnessing them so malnourished and underweight providing them food and solace.

“I always keep my patients in my prayers even after they go in remission,” says Debra. “It’s absolutely vital to keep them in my prayers to prolong their lives.”

When working with patients with incurable cancer Debra lets them know nothing is a guarantee and she work on God’s time not hers. But part of life coaching is prepping the individual when they just want to pass on when they are suffering needlessly. For Debra it’s heart wrenching but she has to respect the patient’s wishes and let them go peacefully.

“My unwavering hope is for everyone to reach out to at least one person and be compassion and altruistic,” says Debra. “Focus on how you can help others. Even a small gesture can change the world and simply expressing love and spreading it everywhere creates a magnificent domino effect.”

For Debra children embody the future and tomorrow’s leaders. It’s essential to educate them to feel empathy for the less fortunate and to adapt a philosophical way of thinking.

“People ask me why are you always helping so many others,” says Debra. “My response is always love. “When I encounter someone that needs help even if I have two dollars left in my pocket I will give it to them to help them survive. I can’t save the whole world but I can save one at a time. I can save whatever person is present at that moment.”

CUTV news will feature Debra New in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday June 28th at 5pm Eastern.

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