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Nancy Shaw of Myofascial Pain Treatment Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2018 / -- Western medicine deals primarily with structure: there is a discipline for each part of the body with its own unique training and treatments. But what if a patient is experiencing pain with seemingly no structural cause or there are other muscles that can cause the exact set of symptoms?

Nancy Shaw is a myofascial trigger point therapist and the founder of the Myofascial Pain Treatment Center, where she’s offered simple changes to help anyone end their chronic pain since 1981.

“Traditional allopathic approaches are more concerned with managing chronic pain than relieving it,” says Shaw. “There's no reason to manage it if you can get rid of it, especially when managing the pain can mean habit-forming opioids.”

Myofascial trigger point pain syndrome is a disorder in which ischemic compression is applied on specifically identified sensitive points in the muscles causing referred pain in seemingly unrelated body parts. According to Shaw, the muscles being taught to develop incorrect muscle memories is the underlying cause of most chronic pain.

“Muscles attach around joints. If you have a muscle that’s tight and pulls, it's going to get irritated, inflamed, swollen at the joint because there's where it attaches, not because that's where the problem is,” explains Shaw.

We use our muscles every day but we do very little that takes the tension out, says Shaw. Instead, if a muscle gets tight, instead of stretching and returning that muscle to free range of motion, we accommodate and adapt. If you can't turn your head to see behind you, you turn your whole body. If you can't reach back and put your arm in a coat sleeve, you put that arm in first. Over time, these adaptations develop a false muscle memory.

“Muscles will do whatever you teach them. If you teach them the wrong thing, you'll wind up in pain,” says Shaw. “If you teach the muscles to keep function in full range of motion, you can do anything you want.”

Shaw’s unique approach was first developed by her mentor Dr. Janet Travell, a renowned cardiologist and President Kennedy’s White House physician. Dr. Travell saw that muscle function and dysfunction had very specific points called trigger points. When the muscle reached a certain point of contraction, it begins to elicit a medically documented pain pattern. She developed a whole field of medicine called "muscle myofascial trigger point pain and dysfunction."

“It's a totally different approach. It's a functional approach because function is how we live,” says Shaw. “75% of getting you better and out of pain is eliminating and identifying those perpetuating factors. 25% is teaching the muscles specifically directed stretch movements to establish new muscle memory.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Nancy Shaw in an interview with Jim Masters on June 7th and June 14th at 11am EDT.

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