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Harmer | Wunstel Partners with Nationally Recognized Church Lawyers, The Church Law Group for Digital Strategies

Harmer | Wunstel

My passion is, and always has been, to assist churches and ministries with their legal needs so they can continue to help serve their communities and ultimately reach more people.”
— Matt Anthony
DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, May 25, 2018 / -- (This press release may be reprinted in part or in its entirety)

Dallas, TX - May 25, 2018 – Veteran Church Lawyer, Matt Anthony and his team at The Church Law Group partner up with strategy consultancy firm Harmer | Wunstel. With more than 40 years combined experience serving religious organizations and law firms around the country, Richard Harmer and Trent Wunstel are a natural fit for The Church Law Group. Matt Anthony, Managing Partner and Founding Shareholder of Anthony | Kennedy, P.C. (Formally Anthony & Middlebrook, P.C.) is looking to expand the firm’s legal services to help churches around the nation. “The Church Law Group is by far the number one law firm in the country serving the legal needs of Churches and Ministries,” says Richard Harmer, Principal at Harmer | Wunstel. “We are honored to partner with Matt Anthony, Tom Kennedy and The Church Law Group. Our goal is to help them grow their practice and let churches and ministries across the country know they can count on the best to assist them with all their legal needs in the most effective, efficient and cost effective way possible.”

“My passion is, and always has been, to assist churches and ministries with their legal needs so they can continue to help serve their communities and ultimately reach more people,” says Matt Anthony. “With Harmer | Wunstel’s ministry knowledge combined with their law firm marketing experience, it’s a natural fit to partner with them for the implementation of our digital strategy.” Richard Harmer has worked with countless ministries leading their communications and marketing efforts. At the same time, Trent Wunstel has worked with Hagee Ministries for nearly two decades in video broadcasting and operations. Matt Anthony has handled the legal work for some of the largest churches and ministries in the country. Synergy in strategy, operations, communications, compliance, and legal is an opportunity found once in a lifetime.

With nearly 30 years of know-how and experience working with churches and ministries, Matt Anthony is a seasoned attorney whose law firm focuses only on the legal needs of churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations. “Everyone in ministry today can take preventative measures to help them run much more efficiently with much less risk,” said Matt Anthony. “Marketing for law firms, no matter the type of law they practice is paramount. Unlike many communications or media firms today, we don’t just “consult” and show you, we teach you the methodology and then implement and execute these strategies alongside you,” Says Trent Wunstel, Principal for Harmer | Wunstel.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” says Richard. “The synergy we’ve had over the last few years energizes Trent and I to help The Church Law Group any way we can. They are a specialty boutique law firm and we have the experience to help guide them in operations, communications, and strategy with marketing to ministries and churches. They provide great value and are an untapped resource for many religious nonprofits, so our job is to let those in the kingdom know about The Church Law Group and the valuable services they provide.”

About Harmer | Wunstel, LLC

Harmer | Wunstel is a full-service strategy, communications and operations consultancy firm that bridges the operational and communications gap for medium-sized businesses and helps them improve profitability. Harmer | Wunstel also works with nonprofits to achieve financial stability. "We enhance organizational effectiveness by implementing real-world communication and operational strategies." - Richard W. Harmer - Principal - From deploying process improvement projects to launching a full re-branding or marketing campaign, Harmer | Wunstel can provide the clarity needed in today's chaotic communications world.

About Anthony | Kennedy, P.C. and The Church Law Group

The Church Law Group is a practice division of Anthony | Kennedy, P.C., a boutique law firm serving the legal needs of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations, including public charities, churches and religious organizations, private foundations, private schools, colleges and universities, charitable trusts, and supporting organizations. The Church Law Group focuses on the specific legal needs of faith-based organizations, churches, ministries, and clergy throughout the United States.

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