I am honored to do all that I can for our Military because of all they have done and continue to do for the citizens of our country.”
— Laurie J. Bartlett
FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, May 24, 2018 / -- Laurie J. Bartlett is an extraordinarily bright, dazzling and accomplished Real Estate agent with McCall Realty and Investments, Inc., in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Laurie was born at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Her father, John Bartlett, was a Pilot while stationed there and the family moved several times before he was called to serve in the Korean War.

Laurie graduated from Fort Walton Beach High School and attended Okaloosa Walton Jr. College and then moved with a friend to San Antonio, Texas. “I really loved it there.” She says, “The Riverwalk was just amazing! I was waitressing and a friend asked me to help her open a truck stop, so we did. I helped set it up, created menus, did inventory, managed everything and hired staff – you name it.”

Laurie decided to go back to college, so she relocated back to Florida and enrolled at Florida State University, Jacksonville, and then returned to Texas where she met and married her husband, Randy. They had three children; Taylor, Colby, and Avery.

While living in Killeen, Laurie was the general manager at a restaurant before taking over a bingo parlor, which she owned with two partners, turning it into a banquet room –adding a kitchen and other accouterments which allowed for ‘Hail & Farewells’ for the Military service members. After selling the restaurant, she moved to Austin. She says, “I always wanted to live in Austin because it’s such a cool place to be. It’s very vibrant and there’s always something to do. I went back to school and obtained my Master’s Degree in Human Resource Training and Development at Texas A&M, Tarleton.”

Laurie then took a job which allowed her to travel all across the country, observing the workplace of companies, measuring work efficiency and watching people as they worked. She then reported her information to those in charge, in order for them to have an overall blueprint of how to better serve their customers in a professional manner on all levels.

While in Austin, Laurie attended a Senate hearing at the Capitol where she heard the ‘Obama, Are You Listening?’ speech by Rick Santelli. She was motivated to make a change. Shortly thereafter, Laurie got involved in Radio. “I was very instrumental in organizing one of the largest Tea Parties in Austin. I hosted my own show ‘On-Point with Laurie’ which was a weekly two-hour political talk show that evolved into a cable television program as well.”

Sadly, Laurie’s father died, so she moved back to Ft. Walton Beach and became the Vice Chair of the Republican Party. Not only did she help grow the Party, but she decided to run for the Florida House of Representatives.

For years, her colleagues and friends had been telling her that she should get into Real Estate because of her stellar negotiation skills and adept way of listening to the needs of people, so she got her license and has been doing it ever since. She says, “I’m having a blast! I really do enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives. It’s fun to see all kinds of different homes and styles. Just like Radio, you meet all kinds of people with different stories and I’m fascinated by each one of them.”

Laurie started investing in residential property and did very well by any standard. Her larger goals include investing in commercial property and expanding her portfolio to include a rental house for Pilot’s-in-training who are stationed at the local Military Bases. “I was driving down the road one day in the historic district and saw a house for sale. It’s a huge, old, historic, 118-year-old, charming, whimsical house. I bought it and my son Colby and I are renovating it with the goal of making it a home away from home for our active-duty members.”

Laurie reminisces: “I grew up in the Military. I understand that it’s very difficult to pick up and move. They need someone who they can trust, and it must happen quickly. You have to think on your feet, listen to them, know what they want, pay attention to what’s available in your town and try to make a fit for them before you even meet them.”

Laurie’s dreams also encompass opening a fine dining restaurant and bakery, among many other endeavors, with the sole purpose of uniting her community by offering unique establishments where they can enjoy themselves while being entertained and appreciative of the local artists.

Laurie is a member of the Military Affairs Committee and is one of the major Sponsors of Hurlburt Field. She has banners at all of their events and is always featured in their Base Magazine.

Laurie has a rare set of skills that endear her to people from all walks of life. Her political and entrepreneurial spirit led her to create the “I Know Jack” website where, among other things, she sells t-shirts that are humorous. “While I was at the Senate hearings I carried my dog around. No one was listening to anyone, but everyone paid attention to my dog. It was hilarious, so I decided to start political conversations from the perspective of a dog. Everyone loved it and it was a smash hit!”

Laurie is very passionate about the United States Military and works with Veterans and Active-Duty families with their home buying needs in her service communities, including Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field. She says. "I am honored to do all that I can for our Military because of all they have done and continue to do for the citizens of our country."

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