Crime Victim Demands One Million from Wrongdoer Enterprise and National Just Before Multi-Million Settlement at Chipotle

WRONG CAR IDENTIFIED UNDER OATH -- Witness Statement full of false information

WRONG CAR IDENTIFIED UNDER OATH -- Witness Statement full of false information

COVER-UP: Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental counsel says evidence is GONE!

COVER-UP: Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental counsel says evidence is GONE!

In a case that has similarities to the alleged employment theft and video concealment at Chipotle, FL crime victim pursues settlement for harm, fraud, and abuse

ST. LOUIS , MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 17, 2018 / -- SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity theft, announced today the settlement demand provided to Defendant Enterprise Holdings’ counsel following the fraud and civil theft perpetrated by National Car Rental at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport on October 29, 2016.

Read the entire one-million-dollar demand letter including the crime victim’s strategy for justice: .

The demand letter presented one day prior to the national news headlines related to the nearly 8-million-dollar jury verdict against Chipotle, ironically enough, also follows another major news headline with ride-share company Uber in which the organization used predatory arbitration clauses to conceal, in particular, violent crimes against women.

On Wednesday, May 16, 2018, the firm Rissman, Barrett, Hurt, Donahue, McLain & Mangan, P.A., counsel for Tortfeasor Enterprise Holdings and National Car Rental, respectfully rejected the demand letter from victim Howe.

Fortunately, after CNN’s Drew Griffin completed a month-long investigation ( and put a national spotlight on the disgraceful and consumer-harmful tactic, Uber publicly acknowledged it would no longer engage in such a shameful approach to justice.

At the same time, ride-share competitor Lyft announced it would no longer resort to arbitration in a desperate attempt to conceal bad behavior.

Now, SubscriberWise founder and National Car Rental crime victim David Howe intends to pursue the same change for the car rental industry, particularly after having to dismiss a previously filed federal lawsuit ( because Defendant Enterprise Holdings and its companies also employ this shameful tactic to keep the public in the dark and to further victimize individuals who have been harmed by corporate bad behavior. For example, in the state of Florida and according to the FL Attorney General, the car rental industry is the single largest source of consumer complaints filed with the organization annually.

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