Victim to DOJ and FTC: Enterprise and National Car Rental CONCEAL Video and Direct Police to WRONG Car to Cover Theft

Verizon VTEXT David Howe

Verizon VTEXT server provides law enforcement profound evidence and protects crime victim David Howe

Like Chipotle and the multi-million-dollar jury verdict, Enterprise Holdings National Rental engages in brazen cover up by failing to produce video surveillance

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 17, 2018 / -- SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communication industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the civil court docket at the Lee County Clerk of the Courts, Fort Myers, FL, and the on-the-record subpoena admission including photographic evidence of a ‘ding and dent’ concealment and cover up.

The public court docket can be viewed at the official Lee County Court website: ; CASE: 18-SC-001768.

The under-oath testimony, including the WRONG vehicle identified for law enforcement, can be obtained at the Lee Port Authority Police department located in the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport.

In addition to the brazen and outrageous video concealment proved as a direct result of the victim’s subpoena duces tecum, the docket contains images of the vehicle with subsequent damage that could not have happened at the time the victim returned the vehicle. See the vehicle condition, photographed at the crime scene and immediately emailed to the National Car Rental manger on duty. Compare the images with the photographs obtained via subpoena duces tecum and filed on the official Lee Court docket.

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