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Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL) spot on in cryptocurrency investments.

DUBAI, UAE, May 11, 2018 / -- Last year, ICOs launched startups and jumpstarted sales for numerous services and crypto products. While their popularity rages on, authorities have been hard at work evaluating the regulatory landscape to make it more trustworthy for future investors. By standardizing ICO frameworks, implementing legislation and promoting ICO education, financial regulators are taking steps to ensure ICOs offer legitimate and fair investments.

Now, the opportunities for new players are expanding. Last year laid a groundwork, as sectors such as healthcare and NGOs utilized the blockchain to facilitate critical activities. The IT industry has seen massive success with its ICOs. And with more VCs joining the ICO movement, expect more companies to turn to the blockchain in 2018 to bring their products to market.

With a new year ahead and a year full of lessons behind us, we’re entering a crucial time for the ICO landscape. These developments might decrease the number of ICOs hitting the digital world, but they will help accomplish something even greater: higher-quality token sales, which will foster a more reputable landscape overall.

In terms of high quality token sales, not many companies can better the efforts of Structured Investment Solutions(SIVSL). SIVSL have been around the financial block for many years, mainly dealing in alternative investments. None as alternative as digital currencies 5 years ago but SIVSL were spot on in evaluating then, that digital currencies will gain momentum and favour in terms of how it is decentralized and will only increase in value with time, even though it may seem volatile at times.

Investing in platforms is the safest and potentially most lucrative sector of digital assets in 2018.

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