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SubscriberWise founder David Howe, America's child ID guardian, and crime victim

FICO GOAT and U.S. Credit Czar David Howe

Verizon VTEXT David Howe

Verizon VTEXT server provides law enforcement profound evidence and protects crime victim David Howe

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Wink News anchor and reporter Lindsey Sablan preparing for interview in the home of national child guardian and SubscriberWise president David Howe

Shocking Lee Port Authority Police report details 'HUMAN ERROR' and rife with patently false information prompts crime victim to reach out to FL State Attorney

And had the manger continued with the predatory extortion attempt, I would have immediately called the police with the protocol as clear and convincing evidence of a fraud in the making”
— Enterprise Holdings' National Car Rental crime victim David Howe
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 5, 2018 / -- Tortfeasor Enterprise Holdings’ National Car Rental Company involved in blatant and harmful criminal cover-up at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport; crime victim preparing 3rd subpoena for evidence to dramatically and decisively impeach torteasor lies, false, and patently contradictory statements taken under oath.

SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children announced today that the company founder and America’s child identity guardian David Howe, is respectfully and urgently requesting a meeting with Florida State Attorney Stephen B. Russell and Local Prosecutors, after obtaining dramatically false and potentially criminal statements offered under oath to the Lee County Port Authority Police.

“I’ll get right to the point,” said David Howe. National Car Rental crime victim. “The witness statement provided under oath to Lee Port Authority Police contains direct, categorical, and unequivocal lies about the predatory – and subsequent criminal – events of the afternoon at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport, National Car Rental agency, on October 29, 2016, at approximately 1:57 PM EDT.

“Specifically, in light of the shocking and remarkable revelation that the WRONG VEHICLE ( was identified for law enforcement, the manager who I met with laid out direct and categorical lies about what was stated in that garage on that afternoon in October 2016.

Not once was there a single word mentioned about the possibility of radiator damage,” emphasized Howe. “That is a direct and categorical lie recorded by tortfeasor under oath.

Not once was there a single mention of the damage evaluator,” continued Howe. “That too is a direct and categorical lie recorded by tortfeasor under oath. Fact: I never knew about this tool until a ‘whistleblower’ in Fort Lauderdale took me into the garage and demonstrated the device, allowed me to photograph it, and even held it up to the same make and model – a Toyota Avalon and not a Hyundai Elantra as wrongly identified to police -- to provide dramatic proof that the ‘damage’ was nothing more than normal ‘wear and tear’. And I have the time and date, exactly of that RECORDED event to directly contradict the lie given under oath to Lee Port Authority Police on December 16, 2016.

Listen to one manager dismiss without a moment of hesitation: .

The direct and categorical lie recorded by tortfeasor under oath about possible radiator damage is specifically to justify that the manager failed to follow protocol -- because HE AND THE AGENT ON DUTY RECOGNIZED, LIKE ALL OTHERS, THAT THE DAMAGE THEY WERE IMPLICATING ME FOR WAS NOTHING MORE THAN NORMAL 'WEAR AND TEAR'. And I have facts to argue that this was intentional,” Howe proclaimed. “And to be 100 percent certain...that's EXACTLY why the report contains a long litany of direct and categorical lies recorded under oath.

It's called a cover-up,” declared Howe. “Make no mistake about it. The tortfeasor got caught with his hands in the 'cookie jar' and the categorical false statements and lies are only creating more and more holes in Enterprise Holdings' story.

Yes, it’s specifically falsely proffered LIES to justify why the company attempted to extort $502.80 – after the police obtained unequivocal proof that the vehicle I left was later photographed with new damage that was used to justify a legitimate claim. YES, THE TORTFEASOR KNEW THAT THE DAMAGE I WAS IMPLICATED FOR WAS MINOR AND NON-REPORTABLE AND THAT'S WHY AFTER I LEFT THE VEHICLE SUSTAINED NEW DAMAGE THAT CREATED A LEGITIMATE CLAIM, WAS SUBSEQUENTLY PHOTOGRAPHED AND THEN EMAILED TO ME WITH MONEY DEMANDS OF $502.80. AND NOW TORTFEASOR WILL HAVE THE WHOLE WORLD BELIEVE THAT IT WAS ALL JUST 'HUMAN ERROR'. 'HUMAN ERROR'. 'HUMAN ERROR'. 'HUMAN ERROR'.

YES, the extent of this cover-up is genuinely remarkable,” Howe proclaimed. “The implications of this fraud, the lies, and the deceit are indeed harmful beyond imagination.

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Indeed, in his desperate attempt to manipulate the facts of the afternoon, the manager told another direct, categorical, and unequivocal lie to the detective investigating the crime. He said under oath the following:

‘Because the chip/crack is smaller than our evaluator that we would not pursue him for the damages. The reason we wanted to shop the vehicle is because we wanted to make sure there was no internal damage to the vehicle. Mr. Howe agreed and asked for a copy of the damage history in which I gave to him.

To be clear,” Howe continued emphatically. “The above excerpt taken under oath is a LIE. Plain and simple.

First of all, the company DID, in fact, pursue me: . And I wonder, WHO put me into the 'system' for pursuit after the agent recorded a conspicuous but otherwise cleverly designed 'D' on the 'damage slip. That, the agents insist to the victim means 'Do Not Pursue. But somehow -- HUMAN ERROR we should assume -- that's exactly what happened. Yes, I was indeed pursued because Enterprise Holdings and National Car Rental have incompetents who work there and who don't follow through on what they tell a customer. It's all just dismissed as 'Human Error' And, of course, the facts are indisputable because I have audio and video to prove it...indeed, the tortfeasor DID send me on a wild goose chase to obtain surveillance that they concealed repeatedly. And to this date, neither I nor the Lee Port Authority Police have ever seen the so called ‘footage’ that’s mentioned in the audio link above.

Moreover -- and arguably the single most critical fact in this entire criminal cover-up and financial extortion attempt -- I took a photo after I became suspicious of a fraudulent encounter in the garage that afternoon. And I made the manager come over and confirm at that moment in time receipt on his personal device at his corporate email address – which he did.

Had there been a single word about potential radiator – or any mechanical concerns – I would have immediately and very dramatically opened the vehicle’s hood – with the manager and his colleague standing right there -- and followed the exact same photographic protocol – MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT,” Howe proclaimed.

“And if I had known about Enterprise Holdings’ EVALUATOR tool as a standard protocol to determine damage from ‘wear and tear’, then I would have demanded its use at that moment in time – also in an immediate and dramatic fashion. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT,” Howe proclaimed.

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“And when the device clearly indicated the ‘wear and tear’ that was always obvious, but nevertheless the predatory reason used to justify the money extortion that afternoon – then I would have photographed the ‘Evaluator’ demonstration at the very moment and time. And had the manger continued with the predatory extortion attempt, I would have immediately called the police with the protocol as clear and convincing evidence of a fraud in the making. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT,” Howe proclaimed.

“For the record, the manager -- Axel and his counterpart agent who happened to find the initial and nearly invisible ‘damage’ -- better get honest before I decide to ask for a review of new criminal charges now that I have an official document that contains markedly dishonest, contradictory and false statements.

To be sure, I didn’t agree to a damn thing that ugly afternoon. I even loudly refused to sign the slip that was used to legitimize the whole predatory encounter. I certainly refused to provide insurance and credit card information which was also pursued with vigor.

“It’s a fact,” Howe declared. “Not only did I not agree that afternoon, I told both Axel and the manager in very loud and with very colorful words not to mess with me. I even showed each of them some of my work exposing fraud and predatory behavior, including some of the more complex financial crimes impacting this nation’s banking and financial systems that I’ve uncovered over the past two decades: .

“And that’s a fact. Plain and simple.

“Yes, Axel, get honest before your lies get you into VERY SERIOUS trouble with VERY LASTING implications.

And I’m not exaggerating one damn bit,” concluded Howe.

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