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Dr Jayson Oates of CALIBRE Clinic Continues to Introduce New Procedures for Intimate Male Medical Concerns

Frenuloplasty at CALIBRE clinic

Correct Frelulum Breve with Frenuloplasty

Dr Jayson Oates of CALIBRE Clinic has recently started to carry out out Frenuloplasty, a quick and easy medical procedure Frenulum Breve.

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, April 27, 2018 / -- CALIBRE Clinic is excited to announce the introduction of a new procedure called frenuloplasty. The half-hour long procedure is designed to solve Frenulum Breve, a condition that mainly affects uncircumcised men.  The frenulum is a thin, elastic band of skin located on the glans of the penis. It is the piece of tissue responsible for connecting the penis glans to the shaft. When this section of skin is too thick and short the condition is Frenulum Breve. This condition may cause men discomfort including soreness, bruising, poor erections, and pain due to repeated tears. Frenulum Breve also makes the penis shorter by restricting and pulling it downwards.

For those suffering these symptoms, a visit to CALIBRE Clinics will ensure a proper diagnosis before the commencement of the procedure. During frenuloplasty, patients are numbed with local anesthesia before the surgeon makes a horizontal cut on the affected skin. If the band is too thick, a portion of the skin may be removed. This is followed by rotating the glans upward to release tightness. Finally, tiny dissolving stitches are used to close the skin. The doctor makes sure to run these stitches lengthways in order to increase length.

After completion of this stage of the treatment, antibiotic ointment will be applied to the skin to prevent infection and facilitate faster healing. Some men require numbing cream before the injection and others may require a dressing but these are not necessary for all as frenuloplasty is a minimally invasive process. Minimally invasive and straightforward this procedure can dramatically reduce, if not completely remove the symptoms and pain associated with this condition, allowing men to enjoy health and pain free erections.

For many men, any discussion about the state of their penis can be an embarrassing experience, but that doesn’t have to be the case. CALIBRE Clinics team of highly trained and professional staff will act professionally, putting you at ease throughout.

The procedure is performed by a specialist CALIBRE doctor who will answer any questions you may have during an initial consultation. After the treatment, you will receive detailed guidance on post-care to ensure faster healing. It takes a single consultation to have this procedure and a GPs referral is not required.
Frenulplasty is currently available in CALIBRE Clinics in Sydney and Perth and will soon be introduced to Melbourne. Lead by Dr. Jayson Oates, CALIBRE Clinics also offer non-surgical solutions for penile enlargement and erectile dysfunction with proven results. With little down time, and none of the risks of traditional surgery the CALIBE method for penile augmentation using the injection of fillers has helped hundreds of men feel more confident in their manhood, whist the PRP and low intensity shock wave treatment for erectile dysfunction has restored healthy erectile function to numerous men, allowing them to live a fulfilled sex life once more. CALIBRE Clinic are experts in male intimate treatments, allowing men to gain in confidence, and enjoy pain-free erections.

For more information on frenuloplasty or any of CALIBRE’s other treatments, please visit the website or call them on 1300 105 505. Dr Jayson Oates is also Medical Director of in Sydney and Perth and in Perth which offer a range of non-invasive and surgical cosmetic medical procedures for both men and women.

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