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Khyati Mahajan Is Merging Technology Into Fitness Like Never Before With MevoFit

Khyati Mahajan

A clear understanding of the app business industry and passion to stay healthy contemplated Khyati to introduce MevoFit to the fitness industry.

DE, WILMINGTON, US, April 26, 2018 / -- As an aspiring entrepreneur, Khyati Mahajan has garnered a reputation that culminated professional growth through her own determination. Her vision enabled the world to receive better solutions for their lifestyle in the process. MevoFit has done the same for modern fitness lovers. The brand is a product of hard work that Khyati Mahajan and co-founder Manish have envisioned together.

The idea of MevoFit appeared when Khyati found a gap between the available technology & users’ demands. She witnessed that the weight loss solutions available in the market were sketchy, and lacked user-friendly features. Meanwhile, her professional career was targeting app development business, which generated an excellent experience to target app designs, flow, challenges, behaviors, interests, and other user experiences. Coincidentally, her expertise in the app business field entangled with the user’s frustration regarding fitness gadgets. So, she made up her mind to solve this problem once and for all.

“Fitness is everywhere and many are more aware to either follow some fitness regimes or healthy lifestyles, or just starting up in the process,” says Khyati. “Perhaps many of them have tried and left it mid-way, and I wanted to make sure, my app has substance, inspiration, fun and motivation for everyone to stay put and reach their goals and be proud about it by sharing it with the others in the fitness community, family & friends, and to keep aspiring others.”
Experiencing fitness gadgets firsthand and learning about users’ experiences, Khyati was able to align consumers’ behavior with her outstanding user experience. That is how a comprehensive fitness solution brand was produced by the name “MevoFit.”

A brand that assists & motivates fitness lovers

With MevoFit apps, Khyati Mahajan has changed the fitness app world for good. This brand goes beyond general data presentation & becomes an assistant for fitness lovers. Users obtain a variety of health benefits & fitness credit points that give direct access to MevoFit fitness products. Outdoor and indoor gear, fitness tracker, sippers ++ are offered in exchange of fitness credits.

MevoFit has a wide range of apps with comprehensive weight loss solutions. MevoFit Drive was the firm’s very first fitness tracker that enabled a user-friendly interface while retaining state-of-the-art features. With this tracker, users get to monitor their calories, distance covered, and steps. The band has also been empowered by additional features such as reminders, social notifications, & multiple alerts.
Impressed with the sales of MevoFit Drive, Khyati and Manish have decided to move further and introduce 3 more fitness trackers- MevoFit Slim, MevoFit Ultra, and MevoFit Bold. All three are going to serve in the same fitness category as MevoFit Drive.

Moving strategically to launch 100+ fitness apps in 2018

Khyati plans to make sure that fitness lovers and MevoFit appreciators keep on getting new apps to maximize the results of their efforts. MevoFit has already covered categories such as Calories Counter, Gym Workout, Water Reminder, and even Health Recipes. Khyati and her team plan to introduce 100+ apps in the market before the year 2018 ends. MevoFit is combining technology with experience to attain this goal with sheer success. The brand aims to ensure a large user base by covering all fitness interests collectively with compelling technologies.

MevoFit Merchandise is also on a journey towards becoming more substantial to fulfill the high demands of the market. This merchandise has already developed a versatile portfolio by adding cutting-edge gear and fitness gadgets. Multiple product lines serve MevoFit’s vast and versatile target market. Khyati and her team members have decided to scale up their merchandise line this year.

A significant gap in fitness industry limits the ability of a consumer to reach reliable experts. A person sitting at home does not get accurate suggestions to achieve weight loss goals. Moreover, dietitians & trainers do not have a designated platform to help these fitness-savvy people. MevoFit has conceptualized a way to resolve this issue in the market with MevoFit Club. This is another exceptional idea from MevoFit team that connects fitness experts with consumers and provide high-quality weight loss services.

People looking for genuine and actionable fitness tips can find fitness trainers & dietitians on one platform. These experts help with scientifically proven suggestions that help one lose weight and achieve fitness goals. Users can book services according to the given time slots on MevoFit Club and offer their feedback after getting satisfied. This paves the foundation for future consumers who can judge service providers via previous reviews and ratings. Such openness makes MevoFit a revolutionary marketplace for the worldwide fitness industry.

For businesses and services in the fitness industry, MevoFit plans a comprehensive management technology - Mevo Health Pro. Businesses can manage and improve their work functions via backend technology using Mevo Health Pro. This project has been designed to fulfill daily requirements of businesses working in the fitness category. Healthcare centers, health clubs & other businesses such as Gyms and spas can operate their internal and external functions more efficiently.

Mevo Health Pro offers outstanding administration panels, ability to create apps, web platforms, and much more. Fitness businesses will become capable of providing a well-connected platform for their consumers to indulge and leverage fitness facilities. Mevo Health Pro is going to target bookings, user management, payments, online product selling and multiple other functions that a business has to follow and fulfill. The brand is focused towards achieving a global level exposure with this solution.
The fitness industry is growing, and consumers are demanding smart solutions. MevoFit seems to have all the answers for the coming future in the fitness category.

About MevoFit

MevoFit provides advanced and versatile apps & web solution for the fitness industry. Health and fitness merchandising are offered along with a variety of app solutions that cover fitness goal. Positioned as a fitness technology startup, MevoFit is growing fast with strategic actions taken by founder Khyati Mahajan & co-founder Manish. MevoFit aims to blend in users’ lifestyle and help in living a healthy way of life.

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