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Leigh Ann Agee to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BLOUNTVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2018 / -- There are millions of artists that have profoundly touched our souls with their extraordinary paintings. When art deeply inspire us to identify with ourselves and motivate us to fulfill our dreams it is undoubtedly life changing.

Leigh Ann Agee is a celebrated painter, illustrator, and the author of the book “Moon Bound Girl.”

“A Moon bound girl is any dreamer searching relentlessly for their passion and shooting for the moon,” says Leigh Ann. “No matter what your age you can always envision the life you wish to lead.”

With a deeply profound penchant for art rooted within her since childhood, Leigh Ann realized painting was more than just a passing fancy when people began recognizing her exceptional talent and approaching her for projects. Enthused and inspired, she readily began doing custom paintings and murals and for over 30 years her exquisitely lovely murals have adorned schools and hospitals, and taught her to be an accomplished illustrator. But it was when she painted a delicately endearing girl over the moon with her long hair in the air and people identified so strongly with her character that Moon Bound Girl was born.

“I encourage girls to dream profusely and it doesn’t just apply to a career it’s anything your heart aspires to attain for enjoyment and happiness like skating, ballet, writing, sports, and dancing,” says Leigh Ann. “Whatever your goals may be, you can overcome your apprehension of failure and instead be confident, audacious, and utterly fearless.”

Moon bound characters are enchanting, whimsical, and exquisitely delicately painted girls in vintage dresses all faceless to provide life affirming messages so girls can connect with these characters and feel inspired to greatness.

“My book Moon Bound Girl book is the story of a child named Melody who finds her passion in music,” says Leigh Ann. “Every time she plays guitar and sings her hair goes in the air and she gets butterflies so she discovers her true calling and encourages you to find yours too and keep persevering.”

Currently Leigh Anne’s beautifully enchanting posters, books, note cards, and canvas are sold in over 30 stores and she also creates custom paintings for clients worldwide and posters and prints for dog and cat lovers everywhere.

Like her own characters, Leigh Ann continues to be immersed in her own reverie with hopes of one day seeing Moon girl in the Macys Thanksgiving parade or starring in her own Broadway play. Leigh Ann is currently working on illustrating the historical story of “THE SESSIONS” in a new series of MOON Bound paintings that tell the story of the first recordings ever made of country music. This happened in 1927 on State Street in Bristol, TN, VA, giving this city its claim to fame The Birthplace of Country Music. There is now a Museum in Bristol dedicated to this historical time. They sell Leigh Ann’s work in the museum and support her Moon Bound brand there.

“Do what you revel in most and something you can turn it into a life- long career,” says Leigh Anne. “My art fulfills me and keeps me going and I’m over joyed that my characters make people all over the world smile and inspire them to dream big.”

CUTV news will feature Leigh Ann Agee in an interview with Jim Masters on March 27th at 12 p.m. EST.

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