Citizenship By Investment As A Form Of Insurance?

Is a Second Passport the Best Option When it Comes to Protecting your Family?

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 13, 2018 / -- Citizenship by Investment Programs are often sought-after from a corporate perspective-to ensure ease of travel for business-but many investors are turning to these programs because of the additional benefit afforded to them, namely, the ability to protect their loved ones. While those unfamiliar with the particulars of such programs might assume that a second passport would require a complete upheaval in terms of current lifestyle, this is not the case because acquiring a second passport does not necessitate relocation. In many cases, it does not even require an exploratory visit to the country issuing the second citizenship.

Why is acquiring a second passport an excellent insurance option when it comes to protecting your family? The answer is layered. Meaning, there are numerous benefits that one reaps when it comes to citizenship by investment.

First off, succession planning is key in terms of maintaining the family wealth. Citizenship by investment programs offer individuals the opportunity to both grow and protect their wealth. Again, there are numerous ways acquiring a second passport fulfills this goal. The ability to invest in real estate and companies in another country ensures that one's investments are diversified, and may also provide certain taxation benefits. From another perspective, in today's sometimes politically unstable world, the ability to reallocate funds in the event that the situation became unstable in one's country of origin is another benefit.

Speaking of political instability, one would also have the opportunity to move one's family to a safer area, in the event that it ever became necessary. While this scenario may seem unlikely, one can never anticipate utilizing any type of insurance until an unfortunate situation necessitates it. Citizenship by investment ensures that one has options when it matters most.

Of course, when it comes to health-related matters, citizenship by investment also offers numerous benefits for one's family members. Many of these programmes offer dual citizenship, which provides families with the opportunity to take advantage of services available in both countries. Should unforeseen health issues arise for one's dependants, medical services would be available in numerous locations which may decrease wait times and increase the chances of a swift recovery. Not only that, having a second passport provides one with the ability to travel to a wider array of countries without the need to apply for a travel visa. In some cases, this increased mobility could mean the difference between receiving adequate medical care and outstanding medical care.

Lastly, an investment in education is often a type of insurance in and of itself-one has the knowledge that their children will be provided with the best advantages possible when it comes to future employment opportunities if they are enrolled in top institutions. Obviously, citizenship by investment increases the chances that your children will succeed both from an educational perspective, and a culturally enriched standpoint as well.

If these advantages come as a surprise, one would be best off consulting an experienced consultant as there are many additional conveniences afforded by these Programs. It is of utmost importance to connect with an experienced and trustworthy company. Elevay, based in Dubai, has been in the business for more than fifteen years. Their consultants have developed an un-surpassed reputation for looking at the big picture-meaning, they will help you seek the programme that will best benefit both you and your family and then guide you through the complete process.

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