RVPlusYou Launches "How it Works" Video

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RVPlusYou Launches Video to Explain RV Vacation Rentals - No Driving or Towing Required; RV's are Delivered and Set Up at Renter's Camping Destination

RV owners need the income to offset expenses, but they don't want their RV to get banged up. Our delivered RV rental solution solves that problem because renters never have to drive or tow the rig”
— Russ Lovell

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, USA, February 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- After many requests from customers, RVPlusYou responds by launching a new video that explains how their unique service works. "Delivered RV Rentals is not an easy concept to grasp. It's new, it's different, and it needs to be explained. A video made sense", said Russ Lovell, partner and co-founder of the company.

Most people who think about RV rentals think about Robin Williams in the classic movie, "RV"; a road trip across the country in a big painted box with plenty of mishaps. RVPlusYou hopes people will consider leaving the gas guzzler at home and use cleaner, cheaper transportation to get to their camping destination.

The typical RV Rental listed on the RVPlusYou reservation platform is a few years old, owned and stored by a family who loves their RV, but uses it just 2 to 4 times per year. By sharing the RV, they keep it maintained and ready to go, but the big benefit is extra income, sometimes a lot; up to $12,000 per year. This revenue not only offsets the expense of owning, it puts money in owners pocket. People use that money for their next RV vacation, college for the kids, or to pay off debt.

"People who own an RV are many times conflicted" Lovell says. "RV owners want the income to offset expenses, but they don't want their RV to get banged up, they love their RV. Our delivered RV rental solution solves the damage problem because renters never drive or tow the rig, but just to be sure, we provide a free supplemental protection policy".

After visiting over 50 RV rental operations prior to launch, asking questions and figuring out the pain points of the business, the founders realized that damage is a big problem. 99% of the damage happens when renters are moving the RV. In the busy season, RV rental companies have new renters arriving every week which doesn't leave time for repairs, so having back-up rentals available is a must.

"There is no way to get private owners to share their RV given this high rate of damage, it just doesn't work long term", explained Lovell. "Besides, it's their baby and most RV owners say no to renting it for that reason. We weren't going to get at that privately owned inventory unless we could develop a rental system that solved that problem".

In addition to damage, the miles racked up by renters is typically high which affects depreciation. Because RV owners on RVPlusYou don't deal with the typical RV rental business issues, private party RV owners can charge less. The model is disruptive because having private owners deliver and set up is less expensive overall.

More and more people are learning about delivered RV rentals and equating them to vacation rentals, and why not? They have beds, bath, kitchen, and all the other amenities you'd find at a vacation rental home. The only difference is that the RV can be set up exactly where the renter wants it; campgrounds, events, weddings, festivals, and other private locations.

Given the high year over year growth rates, the company believes they are on the right track. "The growth rate of our privately owed RV rental listings continues to climb and our model is being well received by owners and renters. On top of that, we've only scratched the surface in terms of inventory", said Lovell. "There are approximately 10 million RV's registered in North America, and we know that at least 10% want to earn extra income from their idle asset".

The company is hoping more and more glampers, vacationers, and roadtrippers will continue to take notice of their "no white-knuckle" driving requirement, and consider renting a delivered RV for their next vacation or weekend getaway. Given the rise in interest levels, it looks like hope is becoming reality for this young start up.

Russ Lovell
RVPlusYou, L.L.C.
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RV Rentals Delivered to Your Destination, Set Up and Ready Upon Arrival

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