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Rosoka Text Analytics for IBM i2’s Analyst’s Notebook

Analysis at the Speed of Thought

HERNDON, VIRGINIA, USA, January 31, 2018 / -- Today, Rosoka Software, a leader in multilingual text analytics and extraction technologies, announced the immediate availability of Rosoka Text Analytics for Analyst’s Notebook. This tightly integrated application allows Analyst’s Notebook users to seamlessly analyze unstructured documents from over 200 languages within Analyst Notebook.

Rosoka Text Analytics for Analyst’s Notebook is built on the proven Rosoka extraction and analysis technology that is used in mission-critical applications by both Government and Commercial customers to drive better decision-making. This new application runs on the Analyst’s Notebook user’s desktop and allows users to effectively analyze the growing volume of unstructured documents collected in today's data driven markets, including law enforcement, intelligence and financial fraud investigations.

The Rosoka application delivers the power of Natural Language Processing with automated entity, relationship, and location extraction all while keeping the Analyst Notebook user in complete control. Important entities and relationships are quickly and accurately identified, tagged in the documents, and then presented to the user via an intuitive document viewer. Users have the power to modify, reject, or accept these machine tagged entities, all with the added ability to manually tag additional entities as they see fit. The power to quickly and accurately identify and tag key entities in unstructured documents further extends the powerful analytic capabilities of Analyst Notebook.

“Our goal is to make the analysis of unstructured documents in Analyst's Notebook as easy as the analysis of csv files,” said Gregory Roberts CEO of Rosoka Software. “Rosoka has worked closely with the IBM i2 experts to develop a solution that seamlessly integrates with Analyst’s Notebook’s multidimensional visualization and analysis capabilities. Our goal is to provide the Analyst’s Notebook users with the tools they need to make fully informed decisions and maximize their investment in Analyst’s Notebook.”

Rosoka Text Analytics for Analyst’s Notebook Benefits:

• Automated Entity, Relationship, and Location Extraction: Over 3 dozen entity types, 500+ relationships and locations are automatically extracted.

• Instant Analysis of Documents: Unstructured documents are rapidly processed with the important entities and relationships instantly displayed in the intuitive document viewer.

• Complete User Control: Users maintain the power to apply their expert knowledge to documents with the ability to review, modify, add, or accept tagged entities; as well as, quickly view the document(s) in which an entity is mentioned for easy vetting.

• Quickly Build Charts: Users can select from extracted entities to quickly build charts and easily expand their charts to see additional, related entities from processed documents.

• Truly Multilingual Document Analysis: Entities and relationships are extracted from over 200 languages simultaneously, eliminating the need to change or load separate dictionaries. Users can also view an English gloss to gain quick understanding of the document's meaning.

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