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Carrefour and Sirqul Launch Smart Retail Store in Taiwan

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Sirqul IoT Platform for Smart Retail

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As part of Carrefour Taiwan’s innovation initiative centered around the customer, Sirqul's Engagement-as-a-Service IoT Platform will turn insight into action

These insights will orchestrate actions in real-time – whether that means personalizing the mobile experience, altering in-store displays, or repositioning products within the store.”
— Rami Baitieh, CEO of Carrefour Taiwan
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2018 / -- Carrefour Taiwan announced today a cooperative effort with Sirqul on a single store smart retail pilot. Enabling new experiences centered around discovering the customer journey and leveraging devices with artificial intelligence, the store will transform into a more immersive, connected experience for both customers and staff.

Sirqul’s custom hardware devices, Avatar and Edysen, with installed patented software will communicate with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to capture movement, heatmaps, dwell time, and generate alerts to staff when customers need help.

“To understand shopper behaviors means quickly and accurately analyzing many data sets to separate the noise from meaningful signals,” said Rami Baitieh, CEO of Carrefour Taiwan. “These insights will orchestrate action in real-time – whether that means personalizing the mobile experience, altering in-store displays, or repositioning products within the store.”


• Real-Time Alerts - New mobile apps and web dashboards will enable operations to visualize insights, but more importantly take action to engage customers and manage staff positions. When a customer is standing in an aisle for several minutes, a trigger will notify staff to engage. When lines start to queue, an alert will prompt more POS lines to open.

• Reduction of Food Spoilage - Integration with temperature monitoring devices will track the opening and closing of refrigerators, coolers, and freezers. By monitoring events and receiving alerts, stores can save money by reducing waste and preventing spoilage.

• Future-Proof – The solution provides a path to scale across all stores, flexibility to incorporate additional functionality, and the ability to anticipate enhancements that have not been installed to-date.

“With Sirqul in place, both parties expect to gain a new perspective on how customer and staff engagement directly impacts operations”, said Robert Frederick, CEO and Founder of Sirqul. “Empowering Carrefour with unparalleled insights and leveraging the same platform to take action - is our mission in crafting a smart retail experience.”

About Sirqul ( -- Sirqul made this announcement today as part of NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show ( in NYC to showcase their smart retail solution and how it drives engagement, operational efficiency, rapid innovation, and new revenue streams. Sirqul’s Engagement-as-a-Service IoT platform is device, protocol, and cloud agnostic, fostering an interoperable system for building future-proof solutions focused on retail, transportation, smart buildings and more. 

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