Modular Driven Technologies - 5 Things You Might Not Know About US

Modular Driven Technologies is the future of weapon’s design. We innovate, engineer, and level the playing field between shooters day in and day out.

CHILLIWACK, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 11, 2018 / -- Modular Driven Technologies (MDT Corp) is a small company making a big splash in the world of precision shooting. We started with a simple goal in mind and almost by accident. The goal was to develop a chassis system for bolt action rifles that mimicked and improved upon the ergonomics of the AR 15 series of rifles. The idea came to be because no one else was doing it, and our founder, Laszlo Klementis, knew it was possible. If that story sounds familiar it’s because it’s not that different from the story of Eliphalet Remington. Mr. Remington believed he could build a better gun than he could buy.

1. What We Believe

We believed that we could build a better chassis. We started with the Tac 21 Chassis and have grown into a company that can’t be stopped. As the world tends to work, we partnered with Remington and create the Remington 700 chassis systems. MDT is proud to give shooters a modular chassis system for a wide variety of rifles. Our goal is to make all shooters accurate, effective, and comfortable with our chassis systems. We’ve grown to be a leader in the precision shooting industry.

2. What We Do

We do a lot at MDT. We engineer, manufacture, and innovate. We take a look at the problems shooters of all varieties have and we find ways to fix them. Our innovative and modular chassis systems are designed to reduce the most common error in precision shooting rifle platforms, the human one. Our chassis systems reduce human error by turning your rifle into a more modular and ergonomic platform.

There is only so much we can do to fix the human error, so we also focus on the mechanical issues. Our chassis systems render barrels free floating and minimize contact with the receiver. These systems reduce warping and help minimize the distortion experienced between shots. The Tac 21 chassis has been shown to increase repeatable performance and enhance accuracy up to 28%.

We produce a total of 6 chassis systems that are purpose-built to be an improvement on your rifle. We didn’t spend long days and even longer nights engineering and developing these platforms for your rifle to only look good. No, we produced these systems to draw out every ounce of performance we can from the world’s most popular rifle systems.

Our modular chassis can take a simple bolt action rifle and make it into a mag fed machine. Some of our chassis can be customized to your preference with different rail and forend options. Our systems allow you to easily mount your favorite AR buttstock and grip which adds an entirely new level of modularity to your rifle. The AR 15’s popularity has ensured there is an abundance of options when it comes to stocks and pistol grips.

Modularity and ergonomic improvement doesn’t stop there. Our chassis will accommodate most ‘bull’ barrels, makes adding bipods simple, and increases your ability to shoot comfortably in any position. Systems featuring our barricade stop grooves make it possible to use almost anything as a rest. Our systems not only increase accuracy, but increase the overall functionality of your rifle.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at the companies we’ve partnered with along the way. Companies like Remington, Savage, Robar, Mossberg, Weatherby, Drake and Associates and Anschutz are equipping their rifles with our chassis systems because they know they work.

If that's not enough for you in the 2016 International Sniper Competition. A U.S. National Guard Team took fourth place with a Drake and Associates Savage 10 chassis system. What chassis system was that rifle rocking? It was ours. A National Guard team went against some of the most well-funded and highly trained Special Operations units from around the world and still walked away in 4th place.

3. Our Other Products

MDT doesn’t limit itself to just chassis systems. We’ve also produced two muzzle brakes that are capable of reducing felt recoil up to 58%. After some dissatisfaction with aftermarket rifle stocks we decided to make our own. We've created a series of rifle stocks that are compatible with our chassis systems and one is even compatible with the standard AR 15 platform. These stocks are designed to be lightweight and modular. Stocks like the MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock V4 offers you the ability to adjust the stock to your dimensions with both the length of pull and the cheek rest. At the end of the day, any shooter will tell you about the importance of the rifle fitting the shooter.

4. Our Customers

Our chassis systems are for anyone who wants to increase their rifle’s potential for accuracy, to improve their gun’s ergonomics, or to improve their weapon’s modularity. Our chassis systems are being used by police and military units, but also by competition shooters, recreational shooters, and even new shooters.

Our LSS-22 chassis is designed specifically for bolt action 22 LR rifles. These rifles aren’t designed for long range shooting or for tactical use. That doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of outstanding accuracy. We want to deliver accuracy out of every platform and for every shooter who wants or needs it.

5. Where Are We Going

MDT’s goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of what a modular system can do. We’ve never been one to rest on our success. MDT is expanding the options for rifle compatibility with our chassis systems and working to develop systems for rifles both expensive and affordable. This includes rifles from Sauer, Mossberg, Steyr, Browning and more. Not only are we going to continue to increase compatibility across rifle platforms but we are going to continue improving our chassis systems. One thing is for certain, MDT is never going to stop moving forward. We want to bring our customers the very best in modular chassis systems. We will continue to serve the tactical shooter, the hunter, the competitor and the plinker day in and day out.

Mr. Maarten Van Ruitenburg
MDT Corp.
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MDT - TAC21 Chassis System for Remington 700, Savage and Tikka T3

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